My One and Only

I did not write this my friend wrote this, she has amazing writing skills !
plz read, comment,fav, fan, like? haha you wont regret it.



Gillian's POV
I snatched the syringe off the counter, pressing it deep into my skin. Groaning, I pressed everything into my arm, letting the light-headedness sink in.

"Gillian! I'm going on break. It's your shift." a voice broke me from my reverie, shouting at me through the bathroom door.

I shoved everything into my purse, shaking my head slightly to clear my mind. "Yeah, I'm coming."
Opening the door, I brushed past Alyssa, stumbling back into the main room. The music boomed through the speakers, lights pulsing and flashing across the few girls on the stage.

"Gentlemen, give a welcome to our special of the night: Gillian!" an announcer spoke my name as I hopped on stage and took my place in the front center.
I forced a smile at all the whistles and whooping underneath me as I began to dance.

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