Violet is an Emigo- A human-like creature with supernatural powers that survives on one thing. Heartbreak. With her violent past -which made her what she is- still haunting her, she will question whether she can trust anyone anymore, especially Aaron.


1. Joy from Depression

violet078 Hey(: I'm excited for tonight.

I silently awaited the reply of my prey as I sat in front of my laptop. He was typing.

ryandoyle Me too cutie(; I'll pick you up at 7.

violet078 No, not necessary. I'll meet you there. See you then(: 

Luckily I saw his green icon turn red as I shut the screen. The boy will be heartbroken and dead within the next few hours. I smile at the thought of fear in his eyes as I imagine sauntering forward to kill him. 

He was gullible.

He was vulnerable.

And I had him in the palm of my hand. 

He loved me for my looks, but what he didn't know was best. He wouldn't have time to ponder his idiotic decision of an online hook-up before he was off to hell.

I stand up with perfect posture and head to the shower, using a scented body wash to draw him in even more. I follow that with shampoo and conditioner and step out into the steamy bathroom. Wiping the fog off the mirror, I swipe on enough makeup to turn him on and comb through my long, dark hair. I swoop my bangs to the side and walk into the closet to find something sexy.

Surfing through the clothes I eventually find what I need to bring him into my clutches. A jean mini-skirt and a black lacy tank top are slipped over my naked body as the towel drops to the floor. 

I tidy up my room and check the mirror once more before leaving, making sure everything was locked up and in place. 

*     *     *

Ryan greets me at the door of the bar. 

"Wow." He glances up and down at my lean body. "You're even more beautiful in person." 

I ignore him and walk inside. Usually the whole ignorant bitch thing worked on people like Ryan, so I just went with it. Before I can sit down and order a drink he grabs me from behind my waist and pulls me onto the dance floor. 

We grind against each other to the beat of the music, letting our hips make the magic. Though I could feel his hard-on through my mini-skirt, I felt nothing towards the poor boy. Luckily, thinking about the joy from his depression that would come soon made me smile, adding a more believable act to the dancing. 

"You like that huh?" He slurs, beer on his breath. He was drunk from the start, that bastard. Figures. 

I don't reply and just grind harder into him, knowing that the more he thought I wanted him, the easier it would be for him to become my victim. Instead of continuing on, though, he removes himself from behind me and pulls my arm towards the door.


He wraps an arm around my waist, squeezing my side with his large hand. His infatuation with me almost made me laugh, but laughing at a time like this wasn't something I could do.

He practically shoves me into his car, driving at least thirty minutes away. Moans escaped his lips as he thought about what he was going to do to me when we got to his apartment. 

When we pulled into the parking lot he runs to my side of the car and opens the door for me, grabbing my hand and tugging it towards his room. Once we're inside he can hardly wait to pull me into his bed and do what he's only done in his dreams.

Too bad for him, it was too late.

I straddle him on his bed, and I feel him getting hard beneath me. All I do is get closer to his face, staring deep into his eyes. 

As I feel the pure adrenaline pump through my body, I put all of my power into his eyes. He squints tightly, trying to resist the pain being inflicted upon his heart as I stared into his soul. 

A cry escapes his lips as I see his heart break before my very eyes. 

His dark orbs go completely blank seconds later. My body feels renewed as I take in his death. 

Instead of a smile, a frown crawls upon my face.

Why do I feel good after this?

I just killed an innocent boy. 

I just abused my power.

I am a bad person.

I am an Emigo.

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