Sisters past

A memory worth losing


1. Sisters past

We are just two girls with a painful past,

someone who is slow, but grows way to fast.

We have a father who loves and cares for us, 

doing everything that he must.

We have a mom we met when we were five and four,

she is pretty and nice and most times more.

We used to have a grandma who showed love and care,

when she died our hearts began to tear.

We are more than sisters we 're bff' s,

always there for each other till our deaths.

We have one half- sister and two half- brothers,

that don't even know we have different mothers.

She was always drunk and go's to jail,

always making our life's a living hell.

So my dad took us away to live in another town,

with our new mom and siblings turning our life around.

We began our new awkward life,

no longer living with our mothers strife.

She turned her back on the both of us,

don't even care not even a guilt of dust.

So you ask us why we smile everyday,

and this is what we have to say.

We were never alone since day one,

with family and friends as bright as the sun.


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