Small Bump

Olivia is the step sister of world-famous Ed Sheeran. Though her brother may be a star, she has no clue who he is talking about when he mentions his friends Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn-especially that they are in a famous band. What happens when she is forced to spend a month with Ed and his friends during the summer, and she falls for one of his best mates?


1. Everything's New

(Just a note before you read: If you read this chapter and think its boring, please don't stop reading. I know this definitely is not my best chapter, but trust me it gets way better. So I just hope you don't stop reading because of my crappy job on this chapter, haha. Thanks for reading!) :)


I wake up to an empty bedroom filled with boxes. It was moving day. My dad married someone else- it was practically my worst nightmare. After my mom died my dad told me he'd never love again; well he was wrong, he found another woman. Her name is Imogen Sheeran. Weird, huh? I thought so too. She has a son named Edward. Ed, for short. I've only met them both once which was at the wedding. I really like Ed, I think we'll be good step siblings. Not to mention that he's extraordinarily famous in Britain.Today we're moving into Imo's (Imogen's) house. I'm nervous as to what it's going to be like to live there. I've already said my goodbyes to all of my best mates and spent all of yesterday sobbing my eyes out. We're moving nearly and hour away and I won't be seeing them too much.

I pull the covers off my legs and practically drag myself out of my bed. I fold up all of my sheets and blankets and stuff them in an empty box. My phone vibrates on my bedside table. That's weird, it's from Ed.

Hey little sis, ready to move in? See you soon :)

I type back quickly and head downstairs. "Hey, dad." I say. He's leaning against the wall looking at all of the boxes, thinking of our memories in this house. He looks up at my and forces a smile.         

"You all ready and packed to go?" He walked to the nearest stack of boxes and started taping them up. I hear a noise in the driveway-the moving van.          

"Yeah, I'm gonna go grab my boxes." I run up the stairs and stack the three boxes on top of each other. I pick them up and can't see, so I try my best to walk down the stairs again. Once I'm down I continue walking toward the driveway and place the boxes in the moving van. My dad and I finish with the rest of the boxes and then jump in the car. 

"You're sure you're okay with this..?" he looked at me as though he was the one who didn't want to leave.          

"Let's go dad," I said. It was time for a fresh start.

                                             *               *               *               *               *      

We arrive in London about an hour later. It was my favorite city in the whole world and I hoped I'd like living here. We pull up in the driveway of the biggest house I've ever seen. It's large arched doorway practically beckoned me to come inside. My dad parks in the driveway and the moving van follows in the street. Before I can even put a foot outside of the car Ed rushes out of the house and opens the trunk to help me with my suitcase.

"Livie! I'm so happy to see you." he exclaims with a smile. I haven't even been here 2 minutes and I already feel like the happiest person in the world. It's as if there's no -step in calling him my brother. I hop out of the car and give him a big squeeze. He pulls away and his bright red hair shines in the sun. "What can I help you with?"

"Everything!" My dad laughs, and Ed chuckles along with him. He walks back to the trunk to grab another suitcase and takes both of them rolling into the house. Before even 30 seconds had passed he was back and opening the back of the moving van.

"Which boxes are yours, Olivia?" he asks. I point to the right side of the truck and he starts with three boxes, rushing them inside and grabbing the rest after. My dad helps as well. "Mum's inside, if you want to see her. Uhm, dad? If it's alright to call you that.."

"Of course, Ed." he smiles and we all walk inside the colossal house.

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