Its a Secret <3

*This is a Niall fan fiction*
Kat styles is my name I am 18 and I live in holmes Chaple with my brother Harry styles my sisters moved out a while ago. my brother has four best friends tht re always over but wht Harry doesnt know is that I have a huge crush on one of them. Join me in my secret of liking and falling for one of the boys. will he like me back or will he leave me standing in the rain when i need him most.


1. Should I Tell Him Or Should I Wait For Him To Say Something?

           My name is Kay Styles and I am 18 years old. My brother Harry and I are really close because we are the same age and we do everything together. We live at our parents house but Harry and I share the three bedroom bungalo that is located on the side of my mums house. I like living there becasue there is alot of privacy when I need to be alone and I feel like I have freedom. Well I do have freedom because I am 18 but still. Harrys four best mates sty at the bungalo alot but I dont mid because they are also my friends. One thing that Harry doesnt know about me is that I like his mate Niall Horan. He is originally from irelnd but moved here when he was 10. I am not sure if he likes me back but you never know what could happen.


"Hey Kat do you think you could clean your room and the living room and I will clean the rest of the house?" I call from the kitchen.

"Um yeah sure what for?"

"Well the boys are coming to hangout with us tonight for like a game night" I dont really ask her to clean up the living room to often but the only reason I did today is because when we have a 'game night' we drink a lot and it gets messy.

"Oh ha-ha yeah gotta love the game nights at Kat and Harry's house" Kat laughs while walking into the kitchen.

"now Kat I know how you get when you drink a lot" Kat gets very wild when she drinks well we both do but I try not to let it get out of control

"I know I know I can be wild and be all over the boys but that's just me I will try to handle myself tonight"

"Thank you that is all I ask but I still want you to be yourself tonight just like any other night" I say wile drying off my hands. 

"Yes Harry I will but can I ask you a question?" Kat never asks to many serious questions so I got Tense

"Sure what is it?" I say

"Well I like someone but I have no clue if they like me back so should I just come out and say it or wait to see if they do anything?" Oh boy she is at the whole boy thing again but she wont tell me who the boy is so I can never know the right answer so I just think if I were one of my best mates I would want the girl to tell me that she likes me.

"Well Kat I think that you should tell this boy who ever it maybe that you like them because they wont know unless you tell them" I say looking at her with curious eyes. "Okay Harry thank you for the advice" She says while running up to her room to start cleaning. 

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