Ruined My Life

Kay is bullied at school, not popular, abused and considered the quiet goody goody.
She can't take anymore of it , but still bottles up her emotions.
A boy named Niall bullies her but now that he notices Kay, it gets worse for her.

1. 1

Kay's POV. ~~~

I wake up to another horrible day. The sun was out and it was 6:30 am. "Ugh!" I groaned.
I get bullied by the worst people at school and I'm abused at home by my father. I seriously just f*cking hated my existence on earth. I don't even care if I'm Mars, I just wouldn't want these irritating people around me.
I got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I took a shower,brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put on my turquoise,ripped jeans, navy leather Convers, and a nice white silk loose top. And did my loose curls. I grabbed my bag and ran back out my room. "Dad!! I'm going now!" I ran across the living room. "Bye!!" I yelled. I walked out and I was on my way to school.

***** At School *****
"Hey Kay" I heard Jack say. He walked right in front of me. "Wheres Bri?" I asked "Briana is with Mia and Reyanne." Jack said.
Jack,Mia, Bri and Reyanne are my only friends at this school.
"Where!?" "At their lockers!" He answered me. "Come with me." We walked over to them and I gave each of them a hug. "Ok Kay ! Guess what?!" Bri asked excitedly. "Harry's picking a random girl to ask to the dance!" She squealed. "And?" I asked a bit annoyed. "I wanna be that girl!!" She yelled. "Isn't that nice....." I leaned against the locker. "Harry doesn't know how to treat a girl." Jack said. "Fine whatever.. But still I want him." Bri laughed "Ooo! Reyanne!" I yelled . "Did Debby say yes to you yet?" I asked. I supported my friend being bi, she only told me about it tho. "Nope. She hasn't answered me yet." She giggled. "Say yes to what?" Mia asked. "If she wanted to go to the mall with me." She lied. I chuckled a bit. The bell rang.
"Bye guys, see'ya second period." I smiled. And walked of to my first class which was art. I loved it so much but not as much as music which was always second.

I walked through a crowed of people to get to class. But the bad part was Horan took that class with me. I walked a little faster cause I could hear his laugh behind me, "Where you running to slut?" He laughed "Class. I think you should know how school works by now." I rolled my eyes. "Now don't give me an attitude." He said "Already did." I kept walking. "Bitch." "Whatever. It's not like I give a crap." I opened the door to art. "You two are late." Mr. Bascom looked annoyed. "Yeah I think we know Mr." Niall said. I took my seat in the far back. I hated that Horan sat next to me. "Sped." Niall looked at me. I didn't pay attention to him. "You're not gonna answer whore?" He chuckled softly "I'm not a whore" "Yes you are!" He laughed. "By the way babe you look awful to day." He whispered. I stood up at walked over to the corner. He made me so god damn mad! "Tell that to your little bitch. At least I dress nice, unlike her who dresses like a sluty ass motherfucker with her ass hanging out of her dumb ass shorts!" I didn't realize I yelled it that loud. I never got detention, or cussed out loud. Everyone stared at me in shock. "Get out!" Mr. Bascom ordered me. "Aye whatever" I walked out. I only got in trouble a few times for fighting, I really had anger problems. Ugh now my dads gonna beat the hell out of me when I get home. Great. Cuz obviously I'd love that. If only Horan didn't get me angry, I wouldn't have opened my big mouth......
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