Justin Bieber Sick On Christmas Story Part 1

Its Christmas And Justin Bieber Gets Sick With The Flu On Christmas Eve.


1. Christmas Eve With An Upset Stomach

* It Is December 24th,2012 And It Is Christmas Eve And Justin Bieber Gets A Very Upset Stomach And He Is Feeling Like Crap Soo He Tells His Mother Pattie Mallette. *

Justin's Pov :  I Woke Up On Christmas Eve Morning  And My Stomach Was Very Upset This Morning Sooo I Told My Mom That I Had A Very Upset Stomach.

Justin: Mom, I Just Woke Up This Morning And My Stomach Was Very Upset.

Pattie: Justin, Your Stomach Is Very Upset?

Justin: Yes, My Stomach Is Very Upset And I Don't Think That I Am Feeling Soo Good Right Now.

Pattie: Let Me Feel Your Forehead Please.

Justin: Okay.

Pattie: Your Forehead Seems Very Warm, Let Me Go Get The Thermometer Soo I Can Take Your Temperature Okay Sweet Heart, You Just Sit Right Here And I'll Be Right Back.

Justin: Okay, Mom.

Pattie's Pov: My Son Justin Bieber Is A Big Star And I Am Proud Of Him For Being Successful...I Still Enjoy Taking Care Of Him When He Is Sick Even Though He Is 18 Years Old And He's A Man And He Could Take Care Of Himself But Still I Really Do Love Him And I Want Him To Feel Better And Not Be Sick Anymore, He Told Me That He Loves The Way I Take Care Of Him When He Is Sick.

Justin: Gosh My Stomach Hurts Soo Bad And It Never Feels Great When Your Stomach Hurts Soo Bad But At Least My Mother Is Here I Seriously Love The Way She Takes Care Of Me When I Don't Feel Good.

Pattie: Justin, I Found The Thermometer And I Am Ready To Take You Temperature Soo Open Up.

Justin: Okay.

Pattie: Justin Sweetheart.

Justin: Yes,Mom?

Pattie: Your Temperature Is 99.9*F

Justin: Really?

Pattie: Yes Really.

Justin: Mom, I Knew I Wasn't Feeling Well At All.

Pattie: Go To Your Bedroom And Lay Down, Okay.

Justin:Okay Mom.

Diane's Pov: When I Found Out That My Grandson Justin Bieber Wasn't Feeling Well And Had A Temperature Of  99.9*F I Immediately Had To Help Pattie.

Justin: My Stomach Hurts Soo Bad That I Feel Like Crying.

Diane:Sweetheart Do You Want To Eat Something Or No?

Justin: I Don't Think So My Stomach Hurts Soo Bad And I Am Feeling Sick To Point Where I Don't Feel Like Eating At All.

Pattie: Does This Happen To You A Lot When You Don't Feel Good And You Don't Feel Like Eating?

Justin: Yes,But Not Too Often.

Diane:Do You Just Wanna Go Back To Sleep?

Justin: Yes,I Do.

Pattie:Okay,Just Get Some Rest.

Diane: Yes, Sweetheart Just Go Back To Sleep.


Pattie:I Hope You Feel Better Soon Sweetheart...Get Some Rest And I Will Check On You In An Hour Okay.

Diane: I Agree With Your Mother, I'll Check On You 2 Hours After Your Mother Checks On You.

Pattie: I Love That Idea Mom.

Diane: Glad You Do.

Pattie:Justin Get Some Rest And I'll Check On You In An Hour And 2 Hours After I Check On You...Your Grandmother Will Check On You.

Justin: Okay...Love You Both.

Pattie And Diane: Love You Too Sweetheart.




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