One Direction Imagines!

Hey! I wanted to start making Imagines for people who LOVE One Direction! If you want, I can make an Imagine for you readers! I made two random Imagines and one is mine! I just love Niall! So if you want me to make one, read the Author's Note after Chapter 3! Peace out! Haha!


1. Animal Whisperer! (Louis)

You were a person who knew how to talk to animals. The animals loved and followed you everywhere. One day, you were at the top of the cliff to see the view of the ocean, but you heard a vehicle coming towards you. You turned around and saw 5 guys. Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis were looking for something. Then Louis had his eyes on you.  "Hey! What are you doing here? It's cold up here!" He handed you his coat and he started to shiver. You started to whistle for some birds to get a warm coat. They came back with your fluffy pink coat. You took the coat and gave Louis' coat back to him. He was startled. "First of all, I'm afraid of birds. Second of all, how'd you do that?!" You giggled. "I get called as the animal whisperer." "Cool! I've always wanted to be friends with a girl like that! What's your name?" You blushed a little. "Um...I'm y/n." "Okay! Y/n! Will you be my best friend? You can be friends with the other boys, but you'll be my best friend! Please?" You smiled and laughed at him. "Of course I will Louis! I'd love to be your best friend!" He smiled and hugged you. You hugged back. You became the best of friends ever since. But Louis was still surprised at how you can talk to animals. And the boys also forgot what they were looking for, after meeting you.

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