The Twilight Games

Ever wondered what it would be like if the Twilight characters were put into the Annual Hunger Games...Against each other? In this Movella, you get the romance and action of both Twilight and The Hunger Games, all told from the perspective of Edward Cullen!


2. Our Goodbye

Ever since Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark had won the 74th Annual Hunger Games, the Capitol had decided to put families of eight or more into the arena. Lucky for us we'd been spared for 9 years, but now that Renesmee was added into our family there was an even bigger chance that we would be chosen. The thing was, now that families were put into the arena, no one would kill each other, which made the GameMaker add gruesome creatures and horrible ways to die-so whoever could dodge everything until the end would be the Victor. 

I walked back into our bedroom where I could see my beautiful Bella, reading a novel on our bed. She didn't have a single look of fear on her face, which was strange. Yet again she'd never gone through this before.. Her family only consisted of three until now. Luckily, she had me to protect her. I crawled up beside her on the soft sheets and caressed her cheek. We were the same temperature now, and I no longer had to struggle or hold my breath when we kissed. I grabbed her and pulled her lips to mine, kissing down her jawline until I found the weak fabric covering her body. 

"This could be our last time you know," I whispered, twirling her hair around the tip of my finger.

"Well in that case," she teased, ripping the buttons off my shirt. "We should probably do this one last time."

She smiled at me with her perfect teeth and pulled me in for another kiss. 

*Sorry, Not Getting Graphic On Here*


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