Renesmee in Hogwarts

Renesmee gets sent a letter from Hogwarts saying she is a wizard. Edward knew she was one, and explains everything to her.
When she gets there she worries about which house she will get.
Later on she makes good friends with Luna and Hermione and learns she too is special like Harry, being part human, vampire and wizard.

Read to find out the rest!


1. Renesmee in Hogwarts Chapter One

I walked in to the wand store and mom marvelled as dad and I went to the counter. Ollivander, who I had met earlier smiled at me as he handed me a box with a wand in it. "Wave this." He said. I picked up the black wood wand. I looked closer and saw it had a little pink butterfly engraved in the top. I backed up a little, and waved the wand. Light shone from it and I held it down. "Good. This is your wand." I nodded and dad payed. He led me and mom out and we bought all my books. We had gotten another letter from Hogwarts, and it said I was allowed to buy a broomstick, because they thought it would make me more at home since I was part vampire. We went to the little broom shop and I saw the new Firebolt. Mom decided to buy it for me. 

          *Two days later*

I hugged mom and dad then grabbed my luggage cart and boarded the train. I found a compartment and got in. Later three people came in and the girl with curly light orange hair asked "do you mind if we come in and sit,.... Wait are you Renesmee?" I nodded and she sat down beside me. "Wow the human/vampire/wizard! So you are going into year five right?" She asked. I nodded and he one with black hair and glasses introduced himself and his ginger-head friend. "I'm Harry Potter and this is Ron Weasley. Oh and this here is Hermione Granger." He said. I nodded again as they sat down. Hermione's  orange cat walked over to me and she pulled it back. "Go to sleep Crookshanks." She crooned. She put him in a cat basket and we talked for a while. Halfway through the ride we changed into our wizard robes and then a blonde came in. "Oh Luna......." Hermione said. "Hi guys have you seen Neville's toad?" She asked. We all shook our heads and she left. 

When we arrived Hermione led me to the carriages and we got in. I looked out the window at the magnificent castle. We arrived in front and we got out. Hermione pointed out Professor McGonagal to me as she came over. She held me back and we entered with the first years. I watched them put the hat on their heads and it yell out a house. 

I sat down and put the hat on my head. It said to me, "You could do good in Gryffindor..." 'Yes yes' I though. The hat yelled "GRYFFINDOR!" and the house cheered as I walked over. I sat by Ron Harry and Hermione as the Headmaster spoke.

When the food appeared on our plates I ate a ton and as I was reaching for more everything disappeared. "Goodnight." Dumbledore said. 

We walked to a portrit of the Fat Lady and Harry said "phoenix feathers" and it swung open. Me and Hermione walked past the cozy fire to the girls room. I followed her up and walked to my bed. It was so comfortable. I changed out of my robes and pulled my wand from the pocket of my robes. I placed it on my beside table and laid down. Soon I fell asleep thinking about the crazy day.

In the morning I found a timetable on my bedside table. I payed little attention to it as today was Sunday. I put on some random clothes and grabbed my wand.

 When I walked down the stairs Hermione was awake reading one of the school books. I walked up to her and she closed the book after folding the corner of the page down. I sat down beside her and we chatted as we waited for Harry and Ron. They finally came down and we walked outside to the grounds. They led me around the giant space and we sat at the beech tree by the lake. Ginny came over and asked if we wanted to play a game of Quiditch. We got broomsticks and Fred and George joined us. 

I jumped on my broomstick and flew up. I was playing seeker for my team.  I was amazed that after I showed them how well I could fly, my team chose me to be seeker instead of Harry.

Once we started I flew around and saw a glint of gold. I flew the opposite way, and Ginny, being the other seeker, followed me. But I, having the better broom, swerved the opposite way at the the last minute. I flew towards the snitch and stretched my hand out. I saw Ginny slowly gaining and I flew faster. My fingers closed around the snitch and I flew in tight circles, dazed. I had just played and won my first game of Quiditch!

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