[This is the third story after Lost Love] Harry can't trust himself, Daniella doesn't want to live, and everythings just wrong. What will happen when Daniella falls into a deep depression and nobody can reach her anymore. Louis finds her, but in a state that is almost scary. Harry, she needs help. She needs you.

[A/N- This story picks up the day after the last story ended. Thank You! XOXO Dani]


2. Drunken Rampages



Chapter: 2  

~Zayn's POV~   

"Harry, you can't just lay in bed forever!" I heard Niall yell at Harry again before yelping and slamming the door shut. "YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE!" Niall screamed at probably the shut door before something banged on the door and Niall ran down the stairs. He huffs angrily as he say down next to me on the couch as stared angrily at the Telly. It was currently playing the first Hangover movie. "He threw his bloody shoe at me! I try helping him and he throws his stupid shoe at me!" Niall shouts angrily as I only nod at him before getting up towards the front door. 

"I'll be right back." I said before grabbing a random jacket off the floor and my car keys out of kitchen counter. 

"Where are you going?" He asked, but I just ignored him before stepping out into the empty hallway. I walk down the couple flights of stairs before finally setting foot in the lobby. It was a usually day here in London, cold air and cloudy just how Darna liked it. I hadn't seen her in about a week since, me and Niall had to fly out and keep Harry in check. For the last week all he does is eat, sleep, and occasionally drink. He is literally a mess and according to Louis, Daniella isn't any better. Niall has tried everything to get him to come out of his room, but Harry doesn't listen instead he throws stuff at Niall to get him to go away. I stopped after he almost knocked my head off with his shoe, when I tired getting him to go out and eat. I hop into my car that had been sitting on in the parking garage of the complex for the last three days. I turn on the car, so the heater could warm up my freezing car. I sit there waiting for the warmth to envelop my body, but the silence around me doesn't last too long since my phone starts buzzing in my pocket. 

"Hello?" I ask as I position free hand on the driving wheel so I could start driving. 

“Zayn, she’s getting worse.” I heard Louis’ voice say as I sit up a bit more alert to what was going on. 

“How bad is she?” I asked at this point completely exhausted with these two. 

“She’s hurting herself again and no matter what you say or do she wont get up and eat or do anything. She just sits in her room with the necklace Harry gave her a few months ago. It’s starting to really hurt seeing her like this.” He lets out a sigh as I sit in the car trying to think of what to say. 

“Harry isn’t any better, all he does is mope around and either sleep or drink. He left the other day and came back only a few hours later completely wasted and ranting about how much of a screw up he is? We tried to calm him down, but instead he started throwing things at us and he locked himself in his room.” I said telling Louis everything that has been happening here which isn’t really anything better that what was happening with Daniella. They would both block everyone else, but at the moment I was more worried about Daniella. She had a history with cutting only me and Louis knew that I am guessing Harry did too, but right now he is so far in his little pity parade that he wouldn’t even remember. 

Daniella's POV

"Dani, I'm gonna go get you food." Josh told me. That means ten minutes by myself.

"Mmhm." Which was pretty much all I ever say anymore. I didn't turn around, but as soon as I heard the door close, I pulled out the two things that I hide under the bed: a blade and a towel. I picked up the blade and studied it. This was Asher's. One of his favorite blades. I took it after one of his terrors or his drunken rampages.


"Dani! Get down here!" I heard Asher yell. I run to him throught the kitchen and see him at the door.

"What?" I ask him when I reach him.

"Why didn't you go to the pub with me? We could have had a great time." He told me. I could smell the achohol in his breath and it made me want to puke.

"Because I don't like to drink. You know that." I toll him because I could tell he was drunk. That's when I felt a blade on my lower back and I tensed up. It broke skin and I let out a whimper.

"Will you come next time?" He whispered in my ear.

"Yes." I mumble and he stops the blade from going any deeper. I run to the bathroom and clean the cut. When I go back to the living room, Asher's passed out on the couch. I grab the blade of the coffe table, clean it, and hide it under my bed.

~End of Flashback~


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