Liv,Taya,Cleo are three just normal teenaged girls with a very bad lost memory , the bit of memory they had lost is the memory of their other five best friends Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry and Zayn will they ever remember?. Lets hope they find out.


2. Huff and Puff.


"I know" i said huffing.I felt like i had just ran a marathon.

"Go check who he is!" said Taya.I looked at her with a conserned look.

"Are you bloody serious! , he could be a physopath! i'm sure he didn't even know me!"

Taya nodded and turned her back to me.Wow she's so nice!.

I walked to the bus-stop poll , i held it with a tight grip.Still huffing i looked back to where that boy 'Liam' was standing.He had magicly disappieared.I sighed , knowing that the boy knew my name.Well that was creepy!.


The bus arrived and stood there while we acted like goofs.

"Guys , the bus is here!" Taya yelled out.I looked over to the bus , the man had a red face.He must be angry.


We all slowly walked onto the bus and handed over the cash.

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