One member of 1D taken. Two girls. One is unlucky and one is a psycho. Read to discover more.


1. Taken

I opened my eyes and looked around. Dark cellar. Handcuffs. Metal pole. Dark outline of some mysterious dude chained up beside me. Psycho girl at door. Big sack. This was my surrounding. I was chained to a metal pole with handcuffs and so was the boy I now recognized as Harry Styles from One Direction, who is my twin brother.

The girl closed the cellar door and a lamp flicked on. Harry woke up and screamed. I felt the pole and realized we were chained together. One pair of handcuffs was around one of my wrists and one of Harry's. The other was on my other hand and Harry's other hand and the handcuffs were looped behind and infront of the pole. I looked towards my feet an saw the same thing. Our feet chained are together against another metal pole. And two horizontal poles were above us. At around our knees there was a set of handcuffs chaining Harry's legs together and holding them in the air with the pole, and the same thing on my legs. The chains on the handcuffs were also handcuffed together.

"Harry. We were kidnapped." I said. "I know." He replied. "I don't think she likes the Styles kids." He nodded. I moved my head to get my brown curls out of my green eyes. At almost the exact moment, Harry did too. The girl came in and said "One thing you should know." And she dumped out the contents of the sack. Mom and Gemma lay dead on the ground. "She doesn't like the Styles FAMILY." I whispered. Me and Harry started crying. "Hannah.." He sobbed after the girl left. "We need to escape." He finished between crying. I nodded and said "How?" Harry shrugged. I cried on his shouder and he tried to comfort us both.

We were there for about two days before the girl came back down. She unchained Harry and opened a door to another room. She went in with Harry, and soon came back out. I saw Harry tied to a bed, left arm chained to top left post, right arm chained to top right post, and same with his legs. She went upstairs and came back down with a knife. She walked in with Harry and I heard her dialing on a phone. While it rang she ordered "Tell the band you hate them and you are quitting, never to see them again!" The door creaked open a bit, and I saw Harry shake his head no. She held the knife too his chest and pushed deep enough tht lood started pouring out. Harry admitted defeat, and he gloomily gave the boys the message.

The girl left hime there and walked out, closing the door behind her. "And you." She drawled. I looked up at her and glared. "Tell Niall you hate him and never want to see him again." Niall was my boyfriend, I loved him so much. "No! I'll never do it, no matter how much you cut me!" I screamed. Harry's door creaked open a little agai, and he saw when the pshyco girl sliced the knife into my cheek and wrist. I screamed in pain, but still refused. She put down the knife and grabbed my arm. With much force, she snapped my shoulder out of it's socket, dislocating it.

I screamed harder, and Harry yelled "Hannah! Do it! I can't ber to see you in so much pain!" I cried and finally caved in, after pshyco girl jabbed the knife into my wrist, deeper this time. "Niall," I said when he asnwered. "I'm breaking up with you. I can't take the hate from fans." Niall knew that I got little hate, but he also knew I was really sensitive. "But Hannah, I-"    I cut him off "Goodbye." I said, holding back more tears.

When the girl hang up I let the tears burst from my eyes. The girl left with a smug look on her face.

When she cam back down, she was holding two knives. She went into Harry's room, and slammed the door shut behind her. She must have barricaded the door, because it never opened this time.

I had a best frined, Delilah, who was dating Zayn. She had long black hair and blue eyes. SShe was the toughest of all my friends. I had never seen her cry before.

My last friend, Maddison, was dating Louis. She had short blonde hair and brown eyes. She was super sensitive, and cried at everything. She had cried when I lost my extra phone, even though I never used it.

Soon the girl came out, and I saw Harry for a split second. He had plenty of cuts on him.

I hear a car door slam, and I knew the girl had left. "Harry?" I called. "Yeah, Hannah?" He relplied. "Where do you think she went?' I asked. "I have no idea." He said.

We sat in silence for about an hour, and she finally came bak. But she had Zayn, Niall, Louis, Delilah and Maddison. "Niall!" I cried. "Hannah? Why'd you break up with me?" He asked, holding back tears himself. "She made me." As soon as he saw all of my injuries he angrily pulled his hand free from the girl's and punched her.

Thre were two more poles in the cellar, and she quickly handcuffed Delilah and Maddison two them, in the same way she had donw to me. She took Zaayn to anothr room, where he was handcuffed to a bed also.

Niall ran over to me and hugged me. I winced and he quickly pulled away. "So you still love me?" He asked. I nodded. Then the psyhco girl came back and dragged Niall off.

But she soon came back with a sharp knife.

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