Moments - A Harry Styles Fanfic

One night when Olivia Howard hears her daughter crying she decides it's finally time to tell baby Darcy about her daddy who just happens to be Harry Styles. Read about how Olivia came to love the boy that we all love too. The heartbreak and happiness she shared with the curly haired boy.


1. Moments



Chapter 1:


I awoke to the noise of my beautiful baby girl crying next door to my room.

I pulled myself out of my bed to go in and check on her. I rubbed my eyes and walked into her baby pink and blue themed room. I looked over at her first new bed and saw my two-year-olds beautiful green eyes look back at me filled with tears. I smiled at her and walked up to the bed to give her a cuddle.

"There baby, don't cry. Do you miss your old bed?" I asked in a cooing tone as she rested her head full of brown curls on my shoulder.

"Yeh mommy I don't like being a big gurl no more" She replied and it made my heart break. It reminds me of when I had to grow up much faster than I had to.

"Shh" I whispered in her ear. "how about you sleep in my bed with me tonight and I'll tell you a nice story?" I asked her and she nodded smiling and showing her cute dimples that she inherited rom her father.

"Yes mommy!" She replied and I carried her off to my room taking her favourite teddy with her she cuddled further into my chest.

I sat her on my bed and snuggled her under my duvet which made her look like an ant. I smiled at her before getting in beside her. When I was settled I brushed the stray curls off her forehead and kissed her before beginning my story. I held the locket hanging from my neck tightly as I was finally about to tell my baby girl about her father.

"Now Darcy i'm going to tell you about your daddy ok?" I whispered to her as she looked at me taking in every word before he eyes lit up.

"You telling me bout daddy?" Her mouth formed into an 'o' shape and I smiled at how excited she was.

"Yeah baby, now will I start the story?" I asked as I stroked my hand lightly along her cheek and she smiled.

"Yeah mommy!" She replied and I began to tell the story of my first love and my daughters father...

"Once upon a time there was a girl named Olivia.." I started but was interrupted by Darcy as she realised that was my name.

"That's you mommy isn't it!" She exclaimed as her gorgeous piercing greeny eyes lit up.

"It is Darcy now you lie down and i'll tell the story while you try to get some sleep ok?" I made a deal with her as she lay down and started listening intently to what I was saying.

"Now Olivia had just moved to a place called Holmes Chapel from London where we live with her daddy. Her mommy went to heaven that year so she was very sad" I tried to explain everything very simply to my little toddler as I knew she wouldn't understand how this story really goes which is a little like this...


I groaned as I sat in the fancy expensive car owned by my dad as we drove to my new home. Not that it felt like one....I'm going to be living in Holmes Chapel from now on. Far away from London where the last memories of my mum were...

"Livvy we're nearly here" My dad informed me from the front seat of the silver Lamborghini. I could barely hear him through the blaring music of Linkin Park blasting through my headphones. I just nodded and continued staring out the window at the miserable day it was.

"Look I know you don't want to move away from our old house...our home but this job will get us the money we need" he explained and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. We're basically moving into a mansion and he's complaining about money. The real reason he wants this job is one of his co-workers....

I continued to ignore him until we arrived at our new 'home'. He parked up outside and I hastily got out of the car to avoid conversation with him. I grabbed my two suitcases from the back of my car and went into the house to find my room. The moving can would be coming soon with the rest of my stuff.

I walked up the stairs and entered the first room I saw which I would claim as my own. I didn't really care to be honest. It was completely bare waiting for me to fill it up. I wheeled my suitcase to the middle of the room and sat on them for a few moments before I heard a few voices from downstairs.

I stood in the doorframe of my new 'room' and listened intently trying to figure out who was downstairs.

"She hasn't been the same since her mother died" I already knew this conversation was about me as my father spoke.

"Just give her time. She's only moved to a new house away from her friends. She's bound to be upset" I heard a woman's voice and decided now was time to make my entry. I left the doorway and started walking loudly down the stairs to make my presence known.

As I reached the bottom of the staircase I saw four people in from of me. "Olivia this is one of my co-workers Anne" my dad said pointing out the woman stood beside him. I know all too well who Anne is... "and this is her daughter Gemma" he pointed to a tall dark haired gorgeous girl aged around seventeen who shot me a smile which I returned weakly. "and her soon Harry" he then pointed to a boy around my age fifteen. He had the most beautiful green eyes and gorgeous curly brown hair with the cutest dimples.


Darcy interrupted at This point.

"Daddy?" She asked still listening intently even though she had already yawned a couple of times. I stroked her cheek gently struggling to hold back the tears already threatening to fall even thinking about him...

"Yes baby, that was daddy" I smiled looking at every feature on my little girls face that reminded me so much of Harry.


Harry also smiled at me showing his dimples that made me weak at the knees. "I'm Olivia" I said introducing myself as I wore my fake smile that seemed to be permanently on my face lately.

"Harry" he replied as he grinned at me.

"Anyway we were going to go out to dinner with Anne, Gemma and Harry tonight as a sort of house warming. Do you want to come?" my father asked me.


"Sure" I managed a weak smile and told them I was going to change quickly. I didn't exactly know what to wear so I went for casual as I don't exactly want to go in a formal dress to what could be McDonald's.

I quickly zipped open my case and started rummaging through my clothes. In a way I felt like I had to impress Harry...I eventually found a pair of dark skinny jeans that I rolled up at the end, a white flowy tank top with a browny scarf and my brown brogues. I brushed out my wavy light brown hair that goes just past my chest and plaited it loosely to the side. I then put some eyeliner and mascara on and went downstairs again.

I managed to get ready in just under fifteen minutes. As I walked down the staircase yet again Harry caught my eye. He looked exactly the same as when I last saw him yet I think I was even more attracted to him.

"Ready to go?" Harry asked kindly as the others had already began walking out of the house. He then grabbed my hand which caught me off guard but I instantly felt almost a spark between our hands when they touched.

"Yeah" I smiled genuinely this time which I haven't done in a long time as we walked hand in hand to his mothers car.

As we drove to some italian restaurant I can't remember the name of Harry and I started making conversation.

"so do you know where you're going to school yet?" he asked curious as we sat in the back of the car. Harry in the middle, Gemma on his right and me on his left.

"Yeah uh...Holmes Chapel Comprehensive high" I said nervously as I could barely remember the name.

"Oh cool me too" he replied and shot me another smile. "I guess we'll be seeing each other around school" I smiled at the thought of knowing at least one person at my school who's my age. I don't exactly fit in like other teenage girls...

We soon arrived at the restaurant and I had already learned a few things about Harry. We sat beside eachother in the booth and I felt immediately comfortable in his presence.

After eating Harry's mom dropped us home and I went straight into my room after saying goodbye. That was honestly the best time i've had in months.

I started unpacking my boxes as I slowly began getting more and more tired.

I hope school goes well tomorrow....



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