when he stares at me....

It`s about a girl name Starr. It`s her first day at a new school and city. Starr falls in love with the boy of her dreams! His name is Trey. A lot of crazy things happen and some drama a long the way!


1. first day of school

      So I am at a new school and I am the new girl in town.I don`t want to go to my new school.I don`t have any friends there. I am so not ready for summer to end just yet! I have to do it any way so i guess i should start now then later.~~~~~

       7:00am est so I woke up to a beeping sound. It played over and over again till I got annoyed with it. So i took a hot shower. The feeling of the hot water bouncing off my skin felt like...a million kisses. Then i got dressed and i put on my clothes. I put on my makeup and then i ate my breakfast. Then i put on my shoes and walked out to my bus stop. The next thing i knew i was at school.  

      I walk to my locker it was all the way on the other side of the school. So i could get my locker open. I kept going the wrong way.

I asked the guy next to me "can you help me with this"

He said "yes"

Me "thanks"

The boy "are you new here?"

Me"is it obvious"

The boy" so what your name?"

Me "Starr. yours"

The boy" Trey.whats your classes?"

Me "english, math, science, lunch, civics, pe, tech. you?"

Trey "we have all the same classes together!can I walk you to your class?" 


Trey"ok lets go"

Me"ok" ~~~~~

          lunchtime. So i got my lunch sat down at a table by my self.I was so sad i have no friend beside trey well i thing he is my friend. I don`t have any friends. Next thing i knew i heard a deep voice. Saying my name. "Starr" 

Me"yea" my head popped up. It was Trey.

Trey"can i sit here"

Me"yea sure"~~~

Time to leave school. School was`nt that bad after all. i made one friend that good for the first day right. At least i have a friend.


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