Alzheimer: A Curse

This is about a relationship between a woman and her aging mother, who suffers from Alzheimer. For those who don't know, Alzheimer is a mental disease, for which no true cure is available. It causes one to lose their ability to remember. It doesn't kill you, but trust me death is nothing compared to this. Its for the pulling at your gravity contest, so please like and fav(only if really you like it though)


1. Chapter 1


Alzheimer is a deadly curse that is like slow poison; not just to the person affected, but also to those who have to witness it. A person might have lived like a King, but this is one disease that would make even the least proud man lose his integrity; his sense of dignity. And that happening to a woman is even worse.


Dad’s body lied on the bed, as though he was deep in sleep. His face was so peaceful that one can easily be fooled to think that he was in slumber. The problem was he would never get up again. His chest wasn’t heaving up and down. Nor was the usual sound of his loud snores filling the air. I’d never again see his blue eyes and hear him rant about a new book he read. I stood at the end of the bed, with silent tears falling from my face.

I hear the door opening and could feel my Mom entering the room. She put her arm around me in a comforting way and I leaned into her.

“Don’t worry child, I’m sure you’re grandpa will go to heaven and look after you from there.” The sound of the children coming home distracts her and she gets up to go to them. She must already have forgotten the dead man in the room.

My mom doesn’t know it was Dad who just died. Not that it’d matter even if she did; she’d just forget it in a matter of minutes. But she doesn’t even know she has a family. She lives in a world of her own. Sometimes it is someday in her past. But usually she has some invisible family, who only she can see.

On one instance she had come running to me claiming that a child was burning in the afternoon heat, because she forgot to bring him down from the rooftop. Another time she had thought my husband to be hers. She went about doing all the ‘wifey’ stuff she would have done with dad; like bringing him is early morning coffee, newspaper, calling him for breakfast, etc, etc. We were both so freaked out, wondering how long this escapade would last. Thank goodness she started to see him as her long lost her brother from the next day.


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