Perfect Fame

Ashley auditions for the Xfactor when 5 special people are in the audiance. Will her dreams come true or will the moment be short lived... read to find out


1. The Audition

Ashley's POV:

   I woke up in an unfamiliar place that morning, then I remembered where I was, states away from home for the x factor auditions. I have been dreaming of this day for 4 years. I hopped out of bed and hurried to get ready. Looking in the mirror I see my long strawberry blonde hair a freckle covered face and my baby blues. I brush out the tangles and braid my hair to the side, and put on a little bit of mascara. Going through my bag I picked out my little cotton dress with some lace Toms, laughing a little thinking about Lou.

Niall's POV:

   Me and the lads decided to go watch the American x factor auditions today. I'm really exited to see the Talent out there. It's hard two believe almost 3 years ago I was one of these hopeful people, and now I'm in the biggest boy band.

"Niall hurry up!!" hollered Lou bringing me back to reality.

"sorry Lou I was just so-."

"hungry I know, just c'mon" Lou cut me off

"Lou don't u yell at Niall, he's not the one who took 30 mins to chose a stripped shirt and braces"

"shut up Liam have to look my best Eleanor is coming with us today"

"Hey has anybody seen Zayn today??" I asked

"Harry forgot to wake him up." blamed Louis

"HEY!! That's your job BooBear not mine" Harry answered

"I'll go get him then" Liam said annoyed.

Ashleys POV:

    Ugh I've always hated the nerves that come with singing in front of people. I just recently gotten rid of my stage fright, I can't do this I thought. "C'mon u can do this Ashley your five role models did u can to" I thought to myself. The line seemed to take hours to move but before I knew it' it was my turn I started to sike myself' but I remembered the boys, and headed out to the center of the stage...

Harry's POV:

    Once we finally got Zayn out of bed and ready, we headed to where the auditions were being held.

There was some pretty awesome singers and some not so good ones, but over all pretty good. They were ready for the next person, .as she walked out she was tiny no bigger than five foot, she kinda look looked Irish, she was cute and she seemed about my age.

Niall's POV:

After a lot of people there was a girl probably around Harry's age. When she introduced herself she sounded a bit shaky, so it didn't seem she do so well, but who am I to judge I'm not a judge  Simon is.

Ashley's POV:

    When I got onstage I was looking for familiar faces before I remembered mom had to go back home, then I spotted them the reason I was here, the five boys that changed my life. The moment I saw them I remembered I could be like them some day.

"What's your name love?" asked  Simon.

"A-Ashley" I Said nervously 

" Well nice to meet you and what brings you here to sing for us?"

" Well im actually here because of One Direction they inspired me so much over these past couple of years and since there here I'd like to Thank them" I explained

"Well I bet they feel honored right know what will you be sing for us today?"

"Torn" Simon smirked and told me to begin

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