Life with One Direction

Maya's life with the boys, being Paul's daughter isn't as fun and simple as it seems.
hate is coming her way. a lot of things said about her at twitter, tumbler and press are affecting it. and for the first time she actually started to fall for someone.
too bad it's Niall horan.


1. how it all started

some people may say my life are easy. some may say i'm the luckiest person alive. 

the truth is, being the daughter of one direction's bodyguard, going everywhere he goes with them, basically living with these boys, isn't easy at all . all of this mess started one day , the day of my summer vacation. i finally finished high school. getting ready for a long rest, i was wrong. i came home to see my little twin brothers , Mike and Jacob watching TV as usual. mom was making supper and dad was drinking his second coffee for the day. i went up stairs to put my bag and all of my year's paper. i changed into my grey sweats, and a white tank top, letting my brunette hair flow down to my shoulders, i stared at myself. my green eyes, my slightly toned skin, and my puffy pink lips. i looked pretty normal if you would ask me. 

" Maya ! would you please come down here ?" 

i heard my mom calling me from downstairs, the heck i did to the twins this time ?

i ran downstairs and into the kitchen, mom and dad were already sitting at the big table, pointing me to sit down. 

"before we start eating our supper dear, we wanted to tell you something." 

"yeah ?" i asked , totally confused. 

"as you know , your dad is a bodyguard." 

"of course, he told me about it"

"well what would you say if we told you , your' going to go with your dad , to be with the band he's guarding ?"

they tried smiling but i was just plain confused , what ? 

then it hit  me. what ? ! 

"why would you want to that ? ! " 

"well, we thought it will be a great way to spend your summer honey !" 

i sat there for a minute. thinking, well . i guess it wouldn't be THAT bad. oh how i was wrong . 

before i knew it , i was already packing my suitcases, getting ready to go and meet that band dad is guarding. 

i said my last goodbyes to my family , as me and dad got into the black van, who was leading us to the mansion the boys are staying at. 

we didn't talk that much on the trip. but when we arrived , i couldn't stop asking questions ! 

the mansion was huge , with a pool, three whole floors and it seemed they had a dog here, by the looks of the kennel outside. 

we walked to the gates, dad said something to the little speaker and the gates suddenly opened. 

a huge black dog ran to us, at first i got scared . but he seemed to know dad. 

" Nando ! boy , i missed you " 

Nando, kind of a weird name if you ask me . i followed dad trough the huge yard of the mansion, finally getting to the doors . dad slid a red card down the door's hatch and pushed them open. 

inside it was even more amazing. 

everything from leather , starting from the couches to the carpet on the stairs . in any words to describe it , it was huge and beautiful ! 

it looked as if the house was empty , but as soon as dad called over i heard footsteps coming from the upper floors. 

before i knew it , five boys were sliding down , laughing like there's no tomorrow. 

" Pauly ! we missed you !" 

all of them called at once, getting closer, they noticed me. 

i saw one of them, a curly one . smiling at me.

"don't you even think about it harry !"

dad glared at him. he laughed, the other boys patting his back. 

"so.. who's this Pauly ?"

the boy with a brown sweeping hair looking at me. well they all did. 

"this, boys is my oldest daughter , Maya."

"so why did you bring her here?" 

the tall one asked . 

"well actually, she is gonna spend the rest of the summer with us !" 

they all smiled at me , i stared at them with some kind of shyness. 

"Pauly ? aren't you forgetting something ?" they all asked.

"oh ! of course. Maya, these are one direction , the boy band i'm guarding. these guys here are Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall" 

they all seemed real nice guys. and then it hit me , again that day. 

these are the famous britain/irish band , one direction ! 

all of my friends are crazy about them ! 

well they do sing really good, and their looks aren't bad either. 

to believe i'm going to spend ALL of my summer with them , seemed so unreal right now. 

and so , three weeks passed, and still everything is so unreal. 

i woke up in the morning only to feel somebody's hot breath on my neck. 

i slowly turned around to see.. 

"HARRY !?!?!" 

that idiot was sleeping with me , my scream woke him up, and he fell off my bed. 

"what ?! i think it was pretty great.'" he cheekily smiled at me from the ground. 

suddenly i heard loud steps on the floor, getting closer to my room at the mansion. 

the other boys burst in, bats and frying pen in their hands. 

"what ? where ? who ? where's the spoons !?" 

Liam shouted and i couldn't hide a smile, which ended with my finger pointing to Harry , i laughed like crazy. 

"AGAIN ? Harry ?" 

Niall sighed, Louis and Zayn cracked up with Harry. 

after all the fuss ended , i went to brush my teeth and so did Harry, we walked down the stairs, over to the kitchen. 

Niall was on the ground , rolling back and forth , curled up like a ball. 

Dad probably isn't home. 

"calm down Nialler , i know how to make pancakes"

Niall shot up and started screaming "pancakes , Maya knows how to make pancakes" all around the house. 

i got to work. the boys helped me collect the ingredients. soon after the whole table was with plates full of pancakes.

i watched them all eat, Jesus they are animals when it comes to food aren't they ? 

i saw the trash can was full , so i decided to go fill it out. 

i took it and went outside, a sudden flash caught my attention. i turned around to soon see million of flashes from every corner , i covered my eyes, trying to back off, someone pulled me from behind, closing the doors of the mansion. 

that was just the way it all started. 

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