The Unforgettable Summer

Natalie and her two friends rented a cottage on a lake for a month. What they don't know is that a popular band, One Direction, bought a cottage next door. What will happen when sparks fly between a fellow directioner and a band member?


1. not sure

Natalies POV

"Heart beats harder, time escapes me. Trembling hand touch skin." I sang my favorite One Direction song as I walked down the beach. My two friends and I rented a cottage on a lake by saving up tips from our jobs at a local bar. We were all seventeen and love One Direction. I ,Natalie, like Harry, Olivia loves Niall, and Bella adores Liam. While I was singing, I noticed there was another voice singing along with me. I stopped singing and looked behind me. Harry Styles was singing a song with me.

"Keep going." He encouraged.

"It makes this harder" I failed to hit the last note.

"You just need more practice." Harry said.

I continued to walk into the water and stopped when I was in three feet deep. I felt a hand go in my hoodie pocket. I turned around to see where he went but I was alone. I resisted the urge to see what was in my pocket because if he was still watching, I didn't want him to see me go fangirl. I couldn't hold back anymore. I took the item out of my pocket. it was a sheet of paper all folded up. I squealed and ran up to my cottage. As soon as I shut the door, I screamed the loudest I could.

"What's the matter." Asked Bella with Olivia standing next to her

I told them everything.

"Why don't you read the note?"Bella questioned

" I-I-I can't. I'm too scared." I answered, now bawling my eyes out.

"It's okay hon, I will read the note to you. It says: Call me sometime, 555-307-2961." Olivia said, holding my hand.

I grabbed the note from Olivia's hands and ran up to my room, tears coming down my face. I saved Harry into my phone and pressed the call button, my hands shaking. Within two rings, someone picked up.

"Hello?" said a scruff voice.

"Hi, it's Natalie, the girl on the beach."I responded, clearing my voice


Harry POV

I looked out the window of my summer cottage and saw the most angelic girl. I stepped onto the porch and began to walk closer. What was I doing? I asked myself. She was singing. I began to sing along with her, it was a familiar tune from the album. She turned around and stopped singing. Why did she do that?

"Keep going" I said while looking into her deep blue eyes. She continued to sing and failed to reach the high note. I did that too when I first sang the song.

"You just need to practice more" I repeated the words my vocal coach told me when I did the exact same thing.

She didn't say anything. She just continued walking into the water. When she stopped, I slipped my number into her hoodie pocket. I really like this girl. I then ran back to my cottage and watched her from my window. At first she didn't do anything, but after a while, she looked at the folded up note, but didn't open it. This girl was like no other. I rented this cottage for me and the boys for a month. I was staring at my phone for five minutes when Louis tapped me on the shoulder.

"Whats up lad?"

I told him everything and then, the phone rang. I knew it was her but i tried to play it cool.

"Hello?" I said in a weird voice. Who was I?

"Hi, it's Natalie, the girl on the beach." she said in a clear voice. 


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