18 year old Jenna Povwitch was leaving work and hit by the One Direction Tour bus on a seemingly normal summer day on the busy streets of London.


1. Faint With Shock

Darkness. Pain. Beeping.

It made no sense. The strele smell gave the idea of a hospial. Yay for me. Groaning, I open my eyes and I am shocked due to the whiteness of the room. Out of the corner of my eye a face looms over me. "Hi there" she sang in a cheery voice that gave me a headace. "Well,I was given orders to inform you of what happened.""You see, as you were walking across the road, a bus slid out of control, and hit you.""But-Hello?!""Wake Up!!""DOCTER!"


I carfully opened an eye. Thank god cheery lady was gone. I see a shape walk into the room so I close my eyes and act like I havent woken up yet. "Very funny I saw your eyes close when i walked in." Said a British voice. I didnt really care who it was as long as cheery lady was MIA. Opening an eye a face i had seen before looked at me with concern. "How are you feeling love?" Wow. I am totally dreaming. He is not here. He is not. Closing my eyes, he says "im still here." with amusment in his voice. "Are you going to answer me or be borderline creepy silent girl?" I laugh but still answer him,"Oh you know, I got hit by a friggen bus and i was passed out for a day, so not bad!" "sorry about that" he says and i am soooo confused. "It is not your fault". "But it was my bus" he said with shame thick in his voice. "WHAT?!" "Im sorry but like you said it is not my fault because i wasnt driving." "Ok I see that your kinda p.o-ed but if it helps you look cute even when you have stiches on your face."he said with a sheepish grin. "Stiches?!" "Here" he handed me his phone and i tilted the screen so i could see my reflection. "Dammit." i said and he chuckled nerously. Before i could reply cheery lady came and whisked him out the door. She shut off the light and i sat up in my bed. The window cast a faint glow and i saw a peice of paper at the end of my bed. Reaching for it i read it and i gasp.

                              Feel better, from your first visitor <3

Under that was his number.

As i lay down i realized somthing:

I met and got Harry Styles Phone Number.

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