Too Far

Trixie is the daughter of famous (and very rich) tycoon Richard Maryson. She is notoriously wild, so when one night she goes over the top, even for her, she gets a choice - go to therapy or go to normal school? What will she pick?


2. Where it all went wrong

The party was amazing, all the best people were there. Celebrities sung, lights flashed, people danced. It was one of the best parties ever, I thought. I was with my mates, my boyfriend and a bunch of superstars? What could go wrong?
One word - alcohol. I had my first shot of the night, something blue and delicious. Then a little while later I had another, this time it was green, minty and refreshing. As the night went on I became more and more drunk, the alcohol affecting every part of me.
It was near midnight when I saw the chocolate fountain. Someone must have brought it along, as I swore it hadn't been there before, although that might just be the alcohol talking. I dragged Kurt over to it, giggling drunkenly.
"Kurt, hic, let me show you, hic, slomethingy, hic, u really wanna seeeee." I slurred, and accompanied it by another drunken laugh at the end.
"What baby?" He replied, almost as drunk as me, "it's not like I haven't seen all of chuuuu before." He added a little wink at the end, we had had sex many, many times before. Oh yeah, I was a wild child, but who cares? YOLO peeps!
Anyway, I dragged him over to the chocolate fountain, and smashed my lips against his. He kissed back at him with equal passion, and I gradually began to take my clothes off. First was the biker jacket, then the white top, then the skirt then the tights. Soon I was only standing there in my black lacy bra, and matching thong. Soon they were in a heap on the floor as well though, and I was standing there naked.
Along the way Kurt had lost his shirt, but nothing much else. My fingers traced his abs, while his warm hands ran up and down my body.
I pulled away from him, as much as it hurt me, and went over to the chocolate fountain. I took the label and scooped up some molten chocolate, before pouring it all over my body. And I mean everywhere.
Kurt's eyes went wild with lust, and he walked over. He licked the chocolate from my lips, my face, my neck, and other more innaproprite places. My moans attracted everyone, and flashes from cameras went off. I didn't care though, neither did Kurt. We were in our own little world, where nothing else mattered. I pulled myself away again, and jumped into the chocolate fountain, until none of my wasn't golden chocolate brown. Then I stood up in the fountain, and let everyone see me in my glory. Next Kurt took my hand, and we went to my room, for one of the best nights in my life...
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