Who am I?

Paige is a normal 16 year old: loves hanging out with friends, spending time with her boyfriend and spending time with 'family.' but all that changes after she takes a closer look at her birth certificate. She is angry with her 'parents' And rebels.little des she know her actions could drastically change her future as her world crumbles in front of her...


1. Introduction

I don't remember the day I was born. Although, I don't know anyone who does. Sometimes though, I wish I could. I find it hard to trust people;I always have. I don't even trust my friends. Or family for that matter. Somtimes I can't even trust myself. I'll say something which will make everything better. Then I'll realise I am living in a fantasy world. Really, I am just a 16 year old girl who lives in Kingston, with parents who don't really care about me. Well, they say they do but I don't believe them. They think we are just happy families. But we are the complete opposite. When children are little they go to sleep to lullabys or a story book. But no. Not me. I went to sleep to the rhythms of slamming doors and shouting and swearing. I guess I saw it as a kind of lullaby. It's got better recently. My friends are alright I suppose. They are what get me through life. If I didn't have them...who would I have?
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