Am I Beautiful?

Here is my entry for the fashion competition please enjoy like/rate/comment below

When living your dream means everything to Cassie,then why not let your one and only dream become a reality.Nothing on earth can stop you...not even death!

Cassie has always dreamed of making it big to be one of those models you see on the front page of every magazine,to be noticed and for people to look up to her and say wow.But it isn't as easy as it seems there's alot of things that seem to block her path because - you see she isn't exactly perfect for the job.So she does everything she can to make sure she is...(starting with her weight).....

Here Is My Story Enjoy xoxoxoxoxox :'(


1. Judge me

I hid my head in my locker to blur out all the noise:or to hide myself either way.The bell buzzed down the corridor,it rang in my ears,it echoed in my mind...If i focused hard enough then maybe I could conjure a bubble to hide myself then I really would be invisible.Home-time what a relief,It was the best of times;it was the worst of times..that seemed to occur because of Mercedes.

"You'll never guess what just happened,its soo omg!" Mercedes exagerated;flipping her lucious barbie curls over her smooth shoulder,she stood model like in her 6 inch heels,her pedicure nails bustled tightly as her tan hands were placed on her slim waistline,as she applied an extra layer of rouge lipstick.She batted her eyelashes senselessy,a thick layer of eyeliner shrouded her precious aqua eyes,she stood tall in her slim cut mini skirt and tight fitting top,popping her chest a bit to far out.But no one complained she was gorgeous! (who didn't want to be Mercedes!)

"Like what Mercedes don't tell me your mom! got another boob job" Charmaine said in a sarcastic tone.As she flipped her hair back like a whip it flew and cascaded down her back - she clasped on to her gucci bag waving a smile to all the passers by.

"Oh Mercedes you have to tell - seen as I got you a little present down at Selfridges earlier." Winked red head Lara she always was loaded with money seeing as her Daddy was a millionaire,she got anything she wanted!

"Awh ta babe,you didn't need to!" Mercedes said posing dramatically.

Charmaine went to grab it to take alook for herself!

"Ah ah ah- no you don't! it's a surprise silly - duh!" I sighed in my locker too low for them to hear..

Charmaine tutted and handed it to Mercedes she was obviously jealous because she was Lara's bff,though she was not only jealous,but of the fact Lara had bribed Mercedes..she obviously wanted her to herself...everyone did.

"Thanks Lara," She said half-heartedly  stabbing the gift  into her handbag in the process.

"Aren't you like gonna open it" Lara said crushed - wiping her red locks out her way.

"Yeah..uh later.I'll treat you to something Lara babe your a doll!"

Mercedes gave Lara a huge hug.

Francesca and Charmaine rolled their eyes simultaneously with defeat.

"Anyway-" Francesca began seing as she WAS officially Mercedes bffl, seen as she had the money and nearly as good looking as Mercedes..(this was competition) not to mention she had a modelling career aswell.

Rebecca was busy typing on her bbm chatting wildly but keeping up with the conversation she was small and petite stinking rich! as Mercedes younger sister..but she seemed nicer..much nicer (not the snobby type at all)

"So like what was you on about earlier,the news" Francesca raised her pencil  eyebrows to match her caramel hair.

Lara and Charmaine both looked at each other in wonder or pure aw at how lucky they were.

"Well you know how I signed up for the new cover-girl modelling agency thing." She sauntered on.

"Yeah,the one My agent signed me up for!" Francesca gabbed.

"Well yeah out of all the entries-" She bit her lip in a sexy manner.

"You got in?" Charmaine questioned! her gum popping!

"Yes they want me to be the new cover girl! I mean a-huh ME can you believe it?,oh god there's all this clothin' line and everything,I mean there's this whole competition thing they're looking for girls with the look."

"Eeep!" Charmaine and Mercedes both sqeauled,in delight!

While Lara and Francesca put on a fake smile pretty much like themselves..

"And I got in." She continued

"That's...great!" Lara fanatasized twirling her fingers around her devilish wig  (I'd say)

"Mmmmhhmm" Rebecca hummed in the background to busy with whatever she was up to.

Charmaine nudged Francesca with her bony elbow!

"Ah-I mean oh yeah that's great Mercedes!" She scowled

"You aren't bothered are you my munchkins." Said Mercedes cupping her finger on Francesca's porcelain face.(Obviously she was this was just Mercedes way of showing how amazing she was)

Francesca swatted her off in double defeat!

"No of couse not and - anways my agent just signed me up for this bikini line" She guffawed.

"Sweet" Said Lara who was dead impressed seen ad she was all about the figure.

"Ehum" Mercedes coughed.

Charmaine took out her Jean Paul spray from her pure leather bag and sprayed everywhere for extra measure..

"Ooh lemme try some smelly"  giggled Francesca, They all began to fight over the bottle spraying everywhere like mad; with little giggles and violent heel stomping.Teachers just walked past in surprise of their manner.While boys simply admired.Low-life girls like myself just envied.

My facial expression turned from sullen to alarming - the thick aroma had wafted towards me - I had my trouble with hayfever fromt time to time.I tried to ignore it earnestly.Though I failed as it creeped up my nostrils.

(oh no)

"Ah-Ah- Ahchooo!" I bustled loudly in my locker only a couple away from Mercedes uh-oh...

I heard a rustle and then some clattering heel clomping coming towards me from down the hallway five pairs and some sneakers...

"Well well well - look who we have here" Mercedes grinned grasping on to my locker!

"Ha ha it's fat Cassie." Lara chuckled gimmicly.

"Awh don't be mean Lara...It isn't her fault she can't afford weight watchers now is it?" Francesca jabbed sarcasticly

"Yeah I wonder how you got soooo FAT!" Charmaine teased tugging at my baggy t-shirt.

I hadn't always had trouble with my weight it was only through the past three years that it seemed to pile on miserably,so I tried to wear black,like they said it made you look slimmer (obviously not) then everyone got the idea I was an emo which caused another outbreak of name calling from time to time...Seen as I'd moved schools alot now.I had to get going before Mercedes could torment me any longer.

"Looky what we have here." Mercedes snatched my english book forcefully

"Lemme see!" Protested Francesca as they tossed it around.

I looked down in embarrasment and pure torment

 Mercedes flipped it open with her long nail  " Ooh" She gasped "Dear diary - I feel so -"

"Stop it!" I murmured

"What did you just say!" Her little gang crowded me and they simultaneously moved forward.

"N-nothing ." I gasped.

"That's right Fat Cassie you better not have said anything...I can't even look at you uuh" She said In disgust.

Lara snatched the book as it went tumbling to the greasy floor..Charmaine didn't hesitate and placed her diamante heels on the book screwing her dainty foot sideways,stomping on it she looked alarmed!

"Ooops!" She giggled.

They all laughed.

"Oh my Fat Cassie don't be sad,it isn't are fault your too FAT to get a modelling career like us!"  Francesca joked.

"Yeah such a shame Cassie." Mercedes took a lock of my hair and pouted her lip.

"She'll never get a career never mind modelling bet she's never had any or never will!" Lara fantasized.

Charmaine poked me with her pointy nail.This was aggravating me.

"Yes I have actually!" I stammered

Well I had...but it was nothing much my mum thought I could definitely be a model when I was younger,as I was apparently a good looking child..I did a few magazines and catalogues but I got put off them after a bit my dad thought it was a bad idea not that he lived with us weight just piled on I was no longer 'pretty' or even 'decent'.

"Yeah really pahah you having a laugh Fattie!" Mercedes  rolled her eyes.

"Fatties are us! you'd never get signed up for anything!"

"Yes I will!" I protested

"I'd like to see you try you fat little cow" Mercedes growled shoving me.

"Yeah!" Charmaine and Lara chorused 

I just dodged past them and began to walk faster.Looking pathetic.

"Wibble wobble wibble wobble." They chanted surrounding me taller in their heels.They giggled.

"Oh just c'mon guys leave her." Said Rebecca irritated her head glanced up from her phone her dirty blonde hair stood straight and long with a braid gripped to the side,she looked cool in her sneakers low fitting jeans and tight top,with all hee various bracelets that decorated her arm.She obviously didn't go to the extreme like dying her hair bleach blonde or wearing odd heels or slutty clothes like her sister!

"Uh whatever!" Mercedes moaned.

"Anyway c'mon girls we gotta a ride to get." She said pulling out her elabouros car keys they sauntered off.

I  ran then out of school  far away trying to get home,although they were still in site they chanted on sarcastic comments as they drove out of school in their reserved parking spot..why on earth did I move here?

When I got home I just cried myself to sleep to find myself awakening to a damp pillow..why me? I would show her..











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