My Best friends!

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This is just a list of people I care about, and love!

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    Dess Nickole
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    Hey I would write shit about me but I really dont feel like it. So...My names Dess and im mixed i will show a pic soon but not now. I love rap and pop music. Ex. 'Chris Miles, Jack and Jack, Kiiara,...   
    omg I dont even know where to start with this girl. She is my #1 Best Best Best Friend.I dont know how god lead me to you but im glad he did because, he lead me to this amazing, fun, outgoing,funny girl who I get to call my #1 Bestie. Ilysm bestie<33
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    This is my Fam. If you put us together were gonna kick some ass. I dont rlly know what to say to u but u know u mean a lot to me. ilysm fam <33
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    =^.^= ~Hispar~~~ ╔══╗ ║██║ ║██║ ║(O)║ ╚══╝   
    This is my sister. She is honestly like my big/older sister that I never had. I know she will kick someones ass If they hurt me emotionally and psychically. she knows I would do the same for her to. Ilysm sissy <33
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    ~ Tezi
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    This my baby! (best friend wise) She's like my random little child. She's so fun to be around, and shes so funny!. This girl give me life, she makes me laugh every day, even when Im not in a good mood. Ilysm Tezi <33
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