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here are some f my fav authors!

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    Funny , loud , crazy , fun, loving ,loves eating and that's me.   
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    16. Wanna be author. Fan of We The Kings, 1D, and 5SOS. Loves music and writing.   
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    {I just like making people smile}   
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    This is the third time I've left this site and it will most likely be for good this time. sorry and i love you all :))   
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    Boybands, what more can I say?∞The only thing I am guilty of is being hungry ∞ Tis be Christy!!! :) A 17 year old girl waiting to turn into the beautiful swan her momma always told her about. ∞ Things...   
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    Directioner forever <3 Check out my fanfics, I hope you like them. :)   
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    I am a normal 16 year old girl, who lives in the UK. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. I like mostly pop music. Preferably One direction. Some say its an obsession, some say it a dedication. I find it as...   
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    mol 16 london   
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    Chloe Smith, 21 year old poet. This profile is only here for the memories now. If you want to contact me, then message @chloeivyrose on Twitter or Instagram. It's been great, movellas.   
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    Its great to be back on movellas :) Making new stories! Be checking out my profile for uploads! One direction concert, August 2nd 2015!,, MEETING 5SOS AUGUST 29TH 2015!!! :D 5 years of my life...