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These movellajns are almost as awsome as Awesomeness. :3

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    This good little person is hilarious and................A STIFF! :3
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    To the ladies, To the gentlemen, To the young, To the old, To those who are rich, And to those who are poor, To the wise, To the foolish, To the witty, To the sly, To those who believe in magic, And...   
    Helpful, anime fan, and just being awesome (Possibly awesomer than Prussia. O_O)
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    *PEN NAME IN HONOR OF A SERBIAN I KNOW* "If I'm ever reincarnated, I don't want to be Human.... I want to be a Jellyfish." - Tsukimi Kurashita, Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish   
    Wrote my favorite USUK yaoi fanfic, fellow anime fan, and I pull her into many cosplays . :3
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    Bruh, wassup! I am the ever-so-freaky Rebecca. Such fandomness many fictional crushes wow. Right. Do you wanna know what I like? No? Okay. Well, I will say, I do love CreepyPasta, and anime and manga,...   
    Anime and awesome writer. 'Nuff said.... ;3
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    Names Jessie. I love anime, mlp, Divergent, hunger games, Doctor who, homestuck, Disney movies, and Harry Potter. I am from Italy. :D "If you think your worthless, think of the good things in your...   
    My best friend in real life. She has not written any Movellas yet but you will have a blast talking to her. :D
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    Who is bucky
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    Level 69 bucky stan   

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