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Just a list of my FAVORITE authors in the whole, wide, world!

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    Seems like you've stumbled into an account XD Nothing important. Given to me by Mel and wants me to continue.   
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    frog meme T.K
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    11:11 ur sweet ass i like memes and anime abby succs   
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    I'm a Movellas Editorial Ambassador, so hit me up with your hidden gems! (all below info is old!!) ~Shortlisted for Sony Young Movellist of the Year 2013 XD ~Fourth in Young Graphic Artist of the...   
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    ♡ 藏寶遊戲太強大了 ♡ ♛ Honestly, I'm demonically incorrect I don't get phased by hate. I like to see it happen it honestly tells me more about that person. I like watching people...   
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    Hiya!! My name is mica but you can call me Anime or Ani. I am in love with anime. The rest is for you 2 find out!! Peace!!   
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