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por , Sexta-feira Julho 7, 2017
Back to the furry fandom

When the next game is right around the corner...

You have to go back.

God, this reminds me of the time when I used to write my own little Sonic game trailers. They were all real bad, with terrible English, but I loved making them up and writing them down.

Originally, I was looking for Camp Camp slash fanfics (don't question it), and I somehow came across the new Sonic game's trailer. And then started watching some interviews and stuff like that.

And are you kidding me.

Customisable character??

Funnily, the first thing that came to mind was "When will they learn that their actions have concequences???"

I'm kinda' really hyped and really afraid of how this'll end up.

Arright, I should really go, I'm doing 3 things at once rn.

I've got a lot of story ideas tbh, so I'll choose one that I can actually write through.

Arright, byeh!

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