Sad truth

por , Domingo Janeiro 29, 2017

This is my sad truth. I am 16 years old and i suffer from depression and ADHD. I had to move schools 3 times just to get away from bullying. My family also bullys me and I self harm. Most just by the title will scroll by but thatnk you for clicking and reading this. I have never had a boyfriend and i dont know if my " freinds" are my friends because i never had a true friend. I also don't know how to love because I have never felt love. So for all I know some people in my life might love me but I wont be able to tell. And this one kid I thought I liked told me in Decmeber that he loves this other girl before I could tell him how I felt. And this other kid I think I like doesn't talk to me anymore after my friend told him I liked him. So that is one of my many sad truths.

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