It's papella time!

por , Sábado Outubro 5, 2013
It's papella time!

A digital celebration of printed paper!


A couple of months ago we introduced the Papella feature, letting you turn your movellas into printed books and be able to hold on to and touch your hard work. You can find out all about it in our first announcement here


Since then, we have improved it and ironed out a few of the teething problems. The first papellas have been sent out and the first movellians are now seeing their writing printed and beautifully bound. 


To mark this moment with a bit of celebration, and because we are generally just nice people, we want to give some free papellas away!


But in the spirit of generousity and sharing, we want you to nominate your favourite movellas written by OTHER authors. Simply paste a link to the movella you think deserves to be printed in the comments below. We will then choose the three nominations with the most likes, so be sure not to nominate something that has already been nominated, instead just like the earlier nomination. These three papellas will all then have their movella printed and sent to them - if they agree, we will also send a copy of the papella to the user who made the original nomination. 


For your nomination to count, you must have written at least one movella - this is to stop people from creating accounts to nominate their own stories... not that any of you would do that!  

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