People who deserve more<3

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People who I think deserve more followers <3

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    Speechless 💔
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    -What doesn't destroy you, leaves you broken instead.   
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    So I'm a strange person. For example, I own over 400 books which are all alphabetized and categorized and I still haven't gotten over Mordred's betrayal in Merlin. Also, I collect signed books -31 at the...   
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    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    Stories by the author98Fans of the author328Comments posted to stories by author39308
    Currently a Harry Potter nerd/geek Friends is my favorite TV Show rereading The Harry Potter series I'm a huge disney fan i know a lot about disney and Harry potter love 90's music 80s movies are my fav...   
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    Emily Witte
    Stories by the author4Fans of the author47Comments posted to stories by author758
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    Oh Hipsta Please
    Stories by the author20Fans of the author534Comments posted to stories by author1238
    girl almighty ⚡ writer | fangirl | dog mom I've attended more One Direction concerts than my bank account could keep up with, and am obsessed with hockey, dogs, and writing. I'm also kind of in love...   
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    the force of storms
    Stories by the author6Fans of the author187Comments posted to stories by author2698
    When you try to speak But you make no sound And the words you want are out of reach But they've never been so loud -Marianas Trench, "Beside You" joie de vivre be a voice, not an echo My...   
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    -no longer on this website- -you can still read my terrible fanfics though- -i'm sometimes popping in to say hello-   
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    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
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    #StopTheDrama Hello, my name is Melissa but call me Meli or Mel. I lived in the place, which is in England, London. (Not telling you which part of London.) Also not telling you my age, some of you...   

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