Fortunes Series

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Created: 18 Jan 17 ● Last updated: 1 years ago

This series is a fantasy, with elements of thrillers and mystery (and small traces of romance in later books, but it's barely there), with a diverse cast of characters. |THE SERIES IS NOT YET COMPLETE|

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    Fortunes |Book One|

    Fortunes |Book One|

    13 Mar 16

    Admit it, there's always a weird kid in the back of the class that nobody talks to. Don't pretend it's not true, because...    Read more

    If you could see what the future may hold, would it still turn out the same?
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    Just Like Fire |One Shot Competition Entry|

    Just Like Fire |One Shot Competitio...

    20 Jan 17

    As a young girl, Alkhimiya Koldovstvo was stolen from her home and forced to become a killer, biding her time until she could...    Read more

    A more detailed backstory for Alkhimiya. Not technically part of the series, but it is directly related.
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    Echos Of The Soul

    Echos Of The Soul

    26 Mar 17

    Jinseinoshi Majutsu was raised in a violent home, wondering if he and his brother would ever be safe, but little did he know,...    Read more

    More detailed backstory for Jinseinoshi. Not technically part of the series, but is directly related.