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My favorite people

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    M. I am a "Superman" in the making E. I am a directioner, stan (eminem fan), and fan o' lots G. I have seen one direction's...   
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    Beautifully Music Nerd
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    *Community Ambassador* G- Goofball A- Awesome B- Beautiful B- Bright Y- Young Follow and I will follow back! Everyone who does is in my movellas family! Welcome! :) Accomplishments: 1. Best Cover...   
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    RDM Goldlight the slurg
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    WARNING: YOU ARE NOW READING THE PROFILE OF A PROFESSIONAL WEIRDO Try to solve this code: I tjbmm cbmm jin trvitjz bpf je tjbmm de nipe. Hey! How are you? (I really want to know.) So it's me, R.D.M.,...   
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    Hi everyone! I write fanfictions about the lads from one direction, if you take the time to read any of my stories, thank you. I update mostly on the weekends because school is extremely stressful right...   
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    Oh darling... You'd loose your mind trying to figure out mine. ❤Z A Y N. J A V A D D. M A L I K❤ 08/19/2011 <--- The day 5 idiots entered my life.   
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    I like writing and I'm a little weird “Never apologize for being nerdy, because unnerdy people never apologize for being assholes.”   
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    morgan h
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    well this could get interesting. *thursday updates* *Awards* Fan Fiction of the Year '12 ~ For The Love Of Clara Fanfic of the Summer ~ Tomorrowland ps: by reading my fanfics you are agreeing to...   
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    I love writing stories and eating food 🍕🍕   
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    ✞ to say that we're in love is dangerous, but boy i'm so glad we're antiquated ✞ 1.2.16 not only is it cold baby, it's dark. twitter // xoxarctxcmonkxy instagram // crycrycryy the weeknd...   
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    Hello again~~ 안녕하세요~ 기다리서 감사합니다.   
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    havinng a good life~two best freinds~New school~follow me on instagram @jadefromsubway~Like and comment on my books what you think~I hope to inspire people~Im sorry ive been gone ive been really busy moving...   
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    Hello sorry haven't been on forever my computer won't let me go on.   
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    Dude i just found this old account again. Tell me why my writing was so cringey   
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    Rachel Berry
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    Hello! I'm Rachel Berry, and I used to go to William McKinley High School in Lima Heights, Ohio and I was in the glee club, the New Directions. Now I live in New York and attend a preforming arts school,...   
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    ❤||abby||❤ ❤#ketsiabby❤ ❤9.1.15❤ ❤clean since march❤   

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