Must Read Movellas!

A list with 2 stories by darth_timon
Created: 28 Nov 13 ● Last updated: 5 years ago

I present here the stories I have most enjoyed since joining Movellas- ones I advise as must-reads!

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  • Stuart Lewsey- Evans
    oh Why I have only just found this lol. Thanks Darth. I don't know if I will ever write another story like that one. It just walked into my mind one day when everone else was watching C.S.I. ect. It bores me and my mind just seemed to pick up on this from somewhere. Its my most read work but I have to say it is a one off, tried to follow it on but it just wasn't working. thanks again.
  • Olivia Cal
    5 years agoReply
    Aww, thanks :)