Great Harry Potter Fan Fics

A list with 4 stories by Belletristik Aura
Created: 6 Aug 13 ● Last updated: 5 years ago

These are mainly my favourites on Movellas. The order of the list does not reflect any view of "rank" in favourites.

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  • SourCoffee
    5 years agoReply
    you should put on half-blood by AprilDawson! It's amazing! here's the link!
    Half-BloodFifty years after Harry Potter destroyed Lord Voldemort, the biggest threat of the wizarding world, there was finally peace. Erela Harris, an awkward witch...
  • Mrs. Tony Stark
    Love how I'm last compared to that of my puny sister(; JK!! I love you! Lol. And I've an idea that we should defiantly co-author something. And I've already got down 30 things that should go in this said movella. Get a hold of me!!:)