Hogwarts is Frozen

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Was Elsa hidden from Anna because of Elsa`s ice powers?No.Elsa has another power.She's a witch!Anna has been kept away from Elsa to keep her safe from both of Elsa`s powers now Elsa has had to escape from the castle without Anna knowing so that Anna is safe.Hogwarts is about to get FROZEN!!!!


1. The Letter

Elsa`s P.O.V

Today a letter was slid under the door I put a pair of gloves on and picked up the letter it said:


Dear Princess Elsa,

You have been accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Headmaster:Albus Percival Woolfrick Brian Dumbledore.

You will find a list of necessary books and equipment for the school.

May we inform parents that first years are NOT allowed broomsticks.

Yours Truly

Professor Macgonagal.


A school of witchcraft and wizardry it had to be a joke it had to be. I heard stones being thrown at my window so I went to have a look and there was a big man with a big black curly beard and black curly hair to. "Hello who are you?" I asked him. "Rubeas Hagrid. Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. Now come down here miss..." "Elsa sir." I lowered myself out of the window and Hagrid led me away from Arendale and towards London.

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