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This movella teaches you straightforward the grammar of Japanese. From 助詞 to 動詞, you will be able to get a complete and organised movella that includes all major particles and essential grammatical usages to make cool Japanese sentences! 行きましょうね!


4. へ • Movement Particle

This particle is very strict. It often is interchangeable with に, but へ possesses fewer concepts.



The only time you use this particle is when you are addressing a directional movement. If you are walking to school, running toward the beach, or striving for success, as long as you indicate the word or phrase with へ, you mark the target for direction.


学校 【がっ・こう】= School

歩く 【ある・く】= To walk

走る 【はし・る】= To run

浜辺 【はま・べ】= Beach

成功 【せい・こう】= Success

向く 【む・く】= To turn (look upon)


学校歩きます。= Walk to school.

浜辺走ります。= Run to the beach.

成功向かいましょう。= Let's shoot toward success.

The last one, "Let's shoot toward success," is a figurative way of moving toward something. Just like in Engish, they work as abstract directional movement, too. Now, you can sound "poetic" in Japanese using へ. (Maybe...)


Keep in mind that へ can be interchangeable with に, but usually へ only intends to move the subject around without any specific purpose or need to address anything more.

For example, if you were to go to school, you can simply say that you are going to school—the act of moving to it; or you can say that you are going to school—for the act of doing something there (which we obviously know what we do at schools). So, either or in this context is completely fine.


Thankfully, this particle is really simple. This is probably going to be the shortest chapter!



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