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This movella teaches you straightforward the grammar of Japanese. From 助詞 to 動詞, you will be able to get a complete and organised movella that includes all major particles and essential grammatical usages to make cool Japanese sentences! 行きましょうね!


9. も • "As well" Particle

This particle has the same function as と. However, be careful not to mix them up. Misusing these two is very easy, and it can potentially mess up a conversation.


This particle is exactly the same as the particle と. However, the big, BIG thing about this particle is that it works much more flexibly than と. The particle も adds information to a context. Unlike と, you are not simply making a string of nouns, but you are putting more things into the jar of the topic that you and your mate are talking about.


Take a look at these two differences below.


• これそれをください。= I'd like this and that, please.

...compared to...

• これそれください。= I'd like this and that, as well, please.


In English, we only say "As well" when we need to pile on more things to what we just said.


"I want this and this. Oh, and these, too."


The "...these, too" part would be where the particle も is placed.



Rule of Thumb

Remember that this particle has multiple functions. More definitely, it works like a は, a が, and an を. You cannot have these other particles before も. Also, because も works just like the three aforementioned particles, you will need to attach も to the last noun you are including in the nominal phrase (unlike と).


X これそれ{}をください。= I'd like this and that {and}, please.

〇 これそれください。

X これそれ{}ください。= I'd like this as well {?} this, please.

〇 これそれください。




You cannot start a new topic with も. The particle only works as an addition to the previous topic discussed! Misusing this can confuse your listener if he or she is not aware of the mistake. You may know what you're talking about, but your listener may not, so you need to label your nouns accordingly.



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