Nihongo - Let's Learn Grammar

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This movella teaches you straightforward the grammar of Japanese. From 助詞 to 動詞, you will be able to get a complete and organised movella that includes all major particles and essential grammatical usages to make cool Japanese sentences! 行きましょうね!


1. Introduction



Salutations, movellians! I'm proud to present the first movella that teaches the wonderful language of Japanese. I hope you are as excited as I am; I love spreading the beautiful language from the eastern land of Japan!

As a quick introduction from me, I have learnt my Japanese from my mother and family, and English is not my first language, so I may not teach in a particular way that your Japanese class teaches you. I have learnt both Japanese and English at the same time, so I may not be sufficient at explaining between the two languages, but please bear with me!



• This movella uses the Japanese writing system, which may or may not display correctly on your computer. Please ensure that your computer can display these characters to fully experience this movella.

• Please note that this movella does not teach Japanese from the beginning. This movella is best utilised for learners who are already familiar with the writing system and pronunciation of each character, as translations will not provide ローマ字, and there will not be a reference sheet directly available. This is for grammatical help only, which is the step above learning the basic writing system and pronunciation. If you do not have such skill yet, please refer yourself to a beginning Japanese before proceeding with this movella to enjoy full experience.

• Have fun, and do not hesitate to ask or comment on anything about the movella!



You may jump to any chapter that you find interesting.


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