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��I can see the stars from America��

��BE YOURSELF and if they don't like you well then FUCK THEM! ��

||Syd ��||Unique ��|| Lily ��||

��They call me Yami! ��


Act like a lady, think like a man and hustle like a thug! ��

You can ALWAYS get me here!
Snapchat: Itzthequeen13
IG: 1d_lovers01
Kik: dominican_queenx13
Email: yamilexp.13@gmail.com

#BLESSINGS ✌️Pray, it causes miracles!

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    mumbled "You never texted "

    If I stopped texting you just know that it's because I either felt left out, used, or you just didn't cared about me to text me too!

    Just saying...
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    mumbled "Happy Birthday Liam "

    You are my inspiration. I love you so much. You've been through the worst situations but you still smile at those bad moments. You mean strenght, passion and dedication to me. You never gave up and kept going. Happy Birthday Batman! I love you so fucking much. You are my hero.

    PS. Now you're legally an adult!
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    One word amaZAYN. Please update coz yea we love it gurrrl ����
    Malik twins
    Malik twins
    "Those are the Malik brothers, rumour has it they got kicked out of their old school for getting into too many fights" ***@Copyright2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed,...
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    First Chapter is out BITCHESS! ��
    Bad Girl ||Z.M||
    Bad Girl ||Z.M||
    "You are not the bad girl you make everyone think you are" He yelled from behind me. I could hear his footsteps each time they hit the concrete. Those words made me turn around. "You don't know me!"...
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