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Oh, hi there! I'm guessing you're here because you want to read my work... Or you've stumbled here by accident.

A bit about me? Well I'm 18 and people always comment on my eyes because they're so dark (either that or my tiny frame). I have a passion for writing and rock music and I have a phobia of dolls (eugh). I often get in trouble for speaking my mind and really don't care if people hate me for it.

I am one of nine Movellas Ambassadors so don't hesitate to ask me for help or to check out your latest movella!


P.S - My winning entry 'Bitches Have Feelings Too' is due to be published by Penguin Books ^.^

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    Dane is a bully and angry at the world, a world in which violence is justified if people are “asking for it”, the only exception to the rule being girls and “retards”. He is one step away from facing expulsion and, desperate to avoid this, he reluctantly agrees to act as an “ambassador” for Billy D, the new kid who has Down Syndrome. Billy D, however, is not a flawless victim, just as Dane is not as hard hearted as he tries to make out he is. To avoid being exiled to the alternative high school, Dane must help Billy D with everything he asks of and finds himself roped into helping Billy D find his father by solving the riddles left in an Atlas. But the boys discover that this will not be an easy road to navigate and results in plenty of dead ends.

    On the whole I liked how Lange was able to touch on sensitive and perhaps taboo subjects faced by many teenagers without sugar-coated such issues. Instead, she covers them in a quite a humorous and brutally honest way. However, I felt frustrated that the character development was set up in the clichéd ideal that Billy’s “differentness” is what makes Dane reconsider his bullying tactics and, ultimately, become a better person. I also felt that the character Seely was flat and underdeveloped. I didn’t understand the necessity of her being the daughter of two gay men, especially as the reader never meets them. It seemed to me that Seely was simply used as a tool to fulfil the role as the love interest/car driver and to tick off Lange’s list of stereotypes to overcome.

    ‘Dead Ends’ does have some humorous dialogue but, to me, Lange seemed to be trying too hard to imitate the writing style of John Green, of which she is being compared to. Unfortunately, the anticipation built up as the quest went on fell flat, resulting in a disappointing ending. ‘Dead Ends’ is a quick, light-hearted read, but if you, like me, prefer characters with greater depth and a plot with deeper meaning, then perhaps this is not the book for you.
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    The Fault In Our Stars competition

    I can't find The Fault In Our Stars writing competition in the 'competitions' section. Has the deadline to enter already passed? Even if it has, Movellas usually keeps the posts up... If someone could help me out that would be great :)
    Eve Smallman AUDIOBOOK
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    Well my friend entered it, and she got an email for a compensation prize
    6 years ago
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    Everyone who entered is being given a TFIOS goodie bag :)
    5 years ago
    Has any one received their goodie bag yet? I haven't :(
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    Any recommendations? ^.^

    I start uni near the end of September so I have a very long summer ahead of me... and I'm already running out of reading material!

    The last book I read was "If You Find Me" by Emily Murdoch which blew me away... Honestly, I haven't read a book that good in ages. It is now a firm favourite. I'm now reading "Dead Ends" by Erin Lange, which, so far, is pretty good!

    Any book recommendations would be great ^.^
    2 years ago
    I advise "Dark Elf" Robert Salvatore. Really good book. Such interesting world cant find every day. I even have read all fanfics from here http://essay-grader.com/ and wrote 1 own. Not bestseller, but mum says thats good xDD
    Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.l james
    2 years ago
  • Y. Nirvana
    I've only read the first chapter but you have a very interesting concept! I would, however, suggest that you go easy on the adjectives and adverbs. Don't resort to overdone cliches - find specific words that say exactly what you mean! :)
    Something I wrote during a long car journey. I don't know what genre it is supposed to be in, so I put "other". It didn't fit in with anything else on the given list. So if you do know then please tell...
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