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  • xhoodhemmingsx
    I would love to be in your book if still possible. I'm 5'9 and I have Strawberry blonde hair with golden skin and green eyes. My hair goes up to my butt and I have a nose piercing as well as 3 ear piercings. My name is Julia I'm wild but I also care about other people and love to listen to their problems and I am very protective of my friends. My style is like a little punk but with flower crowns and 90's stuff Idk how to explain it. I love music an Calum hood. I hop I can still be in the story. it's really good though I totally understand if not.
    Good Girls like Bad Boys
    Good Girls like...
    Hazel Owens has always been the good girl. Always kept quiet and to herself. Never stood up for herself and would let everyone around her push her around because it was the best way to not get in any...
    3 years ago
    I know it's too late maybe next time sorry
    3 years ago
    yes I'm sorry. Keep an eye out though because I will definatly add you to a different story when I need a new character :)
  • xhoodhemmingsx
    Hey I'm Julia and I would love to be anyone's friend/girlfriend... I have green eyes, strawberry blonde hair with ombré at the bottom, 3 piercings on my ear and one on my nose, long eyelashes, I have glasses that look like nerd glasses but I only wear them during the night I don't like people to see me in them (contacts during the day), I wear flower crowns a lot but also band tees and flannels and I'm 5'9 and America. Love you❤ sorry if this is too late��
    Fans turn to friends
    Fans turn to frien...
    Tegan a big fan of five sos as she catches their eye when they stay in the same hotel room and are becoming friends
    3 years ago
    Expeshliy Calums friend or girlfriend though
    3 years ago
    I also wear converse shoes or combat boots, I like to wear people's beanies and snap backs and thigh high socks
    3 years ago
    High socks
  • xhoodhemmingsx
    Are you gonna update soon? I love this book!��
    Shes known as the girl vloger
    Shes known as the...
    " I know I shouldn't be falling for him it's just it's hard it's hard to stop but I can't he is amazing in every single way apart from the fact that our families hate each other and he's the schools 'bad...
    Saoirse hoodmings
    Yeah right now I don't have any ideaa
    3 years ago
    Guys I forgot the password to my account i got a new phone so I'll probably continue other stories on this ��
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