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I dont care what others think of my stories. I write what i feel. And if you have a problem with that then don't read my stories.

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    mumbled "http://www.movellas.com/story/201601200422514975-barely-human"

    guys go check this book out. seriously I am in love
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    mumbled "M.I.A"

    okay so I am not normally the kind of person who does this but who wants to come up with a protagonist for my book!!!!!

    Contest rules:
    Must have liked and faverioted my book (M.I.A)
    Must be a follower (don't worry I will follow back :p)
    That's it!!!

    SO what you have to do is comment on my book and say:
    Characters name
    Relation to the main characters (friend? Cousin? etc.)
    And how often should the appear (rate 1-10 with 10 being the almost every chapter)
    And wether or not if they should appear in the sequel (Yes!! you heard me right! Theres a sequel!)

    Thanks guys luv ya all <3
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    mumbled "Update!"

    Hey guys! so i just finished my 6th chapter (brielle's perspective) Sorry for bad grammer. I wrote it on my phone this time so it might not be perfect. Please tell me what you think! And do you think I should do Nicholas's perspective next or Brielle's?
    Bye!!! :)
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    mumbled "No hate!"

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    Hey guys! Its me again. So I finally got around to publishing my new short story, Fairest. Please read. Also I have been noticing some people reading novella's then commenting that the don't like the story. If you dont like the story then you don't have to comment on that!!! People have different tastes so if you end up not liking the book then just not click like of favourite. Anyway, Please read fairest. I only just started and I am working on the 2nd chapter right now. Its based on snow white in a dystopian society!!!
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    mumbled "Editor Needed!"

    Sup guys....
    SO... I need a editor for my story, M.I.A. . Editor gets shoutout, like and favourite on one of their storys.
    If i don't get anyone to edit for me then I will put it on a digital editor app thing. See you later!! :)
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    4 years ago
    I can see what I can do for you and your story. :)
    4 years ago
    Thank you so much!!