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I love to read and someday I hope to be a great writer. Some of my favorite books are: Divergent, The mortal Instruments, and Embrace. (the last one you may not have heard of)

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    mumbled "My Abductor "

    My face hits the ground as I am pushed by my abductor. "Hurry!" he shouts at me. "Get up before anyone sees you!" But I won't move and I'm pretty sure my nose is bleeding. He kicks me in the side, hard, and I try to catch my breath. All of the sudden, I am yanked up by my arm. He throws me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes as he starts walking to his truck. I am thrown into the back seat. I feel his dry, cold hands brush against my skin as he puts a blindfold over my eyes and places duct tape over my mouth. Then I feel some type of rope wrap around my wrists and ankles. I feel a sharp pain in my head as he hits me with something. Then everything
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    This is the first chapter in the new story I am writing. I hope you enjoy it!
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