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*MOVELLAS AMBASSADOR 2015 - 2016, 2016 - 2017*

♣️ The Vloodmir Vampires available to purchase on Amazon UK.
♣️ NaNoWriMo Winner 2015 with: The Vloodmir Vampires; Blood and Revenge.
♣️ Movellist of the year 2015, 2016.
♣️ Anime and Mystic Messenger #Trash

I am a / an :
~Vampire / Vampire Hunter
~ARMY, EXO-L, Monbebe, Astra and much more

Becca Kate - my long forgotten sister, ah how alike we are! Vampires, Bands, Books and...pretty much anything else. What would I do without you?! And BOBELYN, our very dear BOBELYN, my God our conversations would make people think we belong in a mental institute. Which we kinda do . . .

DragonSoulJess - I hate you. You hurt me. You RUINED MY FEELS AND MY LIFE WITH YOUR PLOT TWISTS! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! . . . . . . . . . .you are awesome. End of.

  • Victoria Raven

    mumbled "I AM BACK!"

    2 I mi piace

    After two months of exams and a year of stress, I am now on summer holiday! I've got a bunch of things planned for this summer, most of these include finishing old books and getting to grips with The Vloodmir Vampires - which I've left for a year, and am missing.

    How has everyone been?
    2 years ago
    cool cool, you forgot to mention stalking my stories (the good ones anyway) xD
    2 years ago
    Yay! Congrats!
    Katie Pharoah
    2 years ago
    You've survived! Trust me spend this time wisely haha. Congratulations on going to hell and back (*cough* I mean exams).
  • Victoria Raven
    WOW! This new style is amazing! Such talent!!!! I love it!!! Very well done! That is awesome! ^.^
    Aldrin's Gallery
    Aldrin's Gallery
    Some of you may know I am a keen drawer. Some of you may not. But that, ladies and germs, is about to change. All of my digital work, I'm gunna post on this Movella, right here. That way you lot don't...
    2 years ago
    I probably wont stick with this style, as it drove me to breaking point. XD
    But thank you. ^_^

    - Aldrin
  • Victoria Raven
    *Dramatically sinks to knees*
    Cruel Summer
    Cruel Summer
    Liese is a solitary queen. The ones who are ruled by her, fear her. She is evil and dominating according to them. Her brother, though, knows a different person who he cannot bear to see hated by the people....
    2 years ago
    i need to write more....
    Victoria Raven
    2 years ago
    Yes. Yes you do.

    *Waiting from afar*
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