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An average girl who loves 5SOS, 1D, Green Day, Blink-182, writing and reading.
My name is Natasha

My life savers are four idiots from Antartica. They form 5 Hours of Winter.

I read, write, sing, and dance.

I love my followers <3

I love my family <33

I love my music <333


❤~ 8-28-16 5SOS Concert ~❤

  • BandsSavedMehLyfe

    mumbled "Sue me for not being online."

    I am trying to get school done. I have like 11 days left. So please dont feel like shit because i dont respond right away like i used to. after school is over i promise i will be online more

    I love you all
    Y I K E S
    2 years ago
    Lol that's okay! Love you too!
  • BandsSavedMehLyfe

    mumbled "Hey guys"

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    I try to get on... I noticed that a certain someone replied to one of my mumbles and I am really sorry to that person.. For just being super stupid and full on in love.. Not just with him.. But with every guy Ive met online... I am a hopeless romantic... I just wanna die because i feel like a failure...

    @[Dead to Perfection]
    Nerdy Cinderella
    I love you Nat and ur not a failure
    2 years ago
    Aw, don't give up! I'm a hopless romantic too but that hasn't stopped me! But we're here if you need to talk!
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    I love all of you so much reading these just now almost made me cry. I love all of you so much THANK YOU ALL Xx <3
    2 years ago
    don't give up...
  • BandsSavedMehLyfe

    mumbled "Hey guys"

    I am going to just say that I have Moderately Severe Depression.

    Part of the reason I havent been on here.

    Other part is I've been SUPER busy.

    My grandpa passed away two months ago. (Jan. 22, 2017)

    I know my fellow frens on here miss me dearly. But I'm depressed as frick and like i dunno if i can be on here as much... To those who miss me, here's my kik: 5SOSFan2001Movellas.

    kik me if you want to talk to me. I may redo my account completely... So be ready for that my loves

    @[Nerdy Cinderella ]
    @[S H O O K ]

    I love you all and miss you ever so dearly. And Lilly I have your kik
    and thank you Emily you should get kik soon haha. Just so we can keep in touch.
    Y I K E S
    2 years ago
    2 years ago
    :) I should XD
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    That you should emily

  • BandsSavedMehLyfe

    mumbled "I havent been on here in forever and i am super sorry for my absence."

    Lot of things have been going on in my life and I haven't had time to get online. I have been on Wattpad regularly but like I know all of you Movellians miss me. I know it. and I am sorry I haven't been on. I love you all so much guys Xx
  • BandsSavedMehLyfe

    mumbled "I havent been on here in forever and i am super sorry for my absence."

    I will most likely leave this website soon.
    I dont want to. But it is an added stressor because i forget about my books on here.

    i will be on wattpad - TOPisLife2001
    kik - 5SOSFan2001movellas

    so i guess this is goodbye