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In my head, I live in a world nobody will get the chance to experience.
But maybe my writing can help you understand a bit about how I see things.

  • tlgregory
    wow - i was rushing through this. The plot was really cool and I was pretty impressed with the lingo ;P
    I did notice while reading that you say "blahblah, As I blahblahblah" quite a lot. It varied, but I noticed that it was a popular sentence.
    Other than that, I think you have a really cool concept!
    Promise me...
    Promise me...
    Elizabeth Browne and Michael fall in love from the moment that she save's his life. It's World War 2 and Michael has to go back to fight. Elizabeth can't bear being seperated from him. She joins the British...
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    mumbled "Feedback for Feedback?"

    I'm hoping that someone somewhere will see this because I am offering a fantastic deal.

    Comment on this, and I will personally go to your account and read whatever movella you want and comment my feedback, and in return, I would love it if you could look at my stuff and also give me feedback and stuff... <3

    If anyone is interested... I have most of tomorrow.
    So don't miss out on this amazing offer ;)
  • tlgregory
    Beautiful idea. Really hits close to home for me, I had my grandmother pass away recently and she had alzheimers. It was really horrible seeing her mind decay the way it did, and while I don't really think your story idea makes sense for that disease attacking the mind of a younger person, I totally admire your creative take on it
    Love is not a victory march
    Love is not a vict...
    Noelle has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and she has only a year left to live. She has been embracing it for the past six years and lived with it happily getting to start life over again each...
    5 years ago
    Don't get me wrong, I love the idea. And your concept around it is really nice. I love the notion that they both know that they can't get close because she won't remember, and he won't be remembered. It's a heartbreaking storyline, and I really hope that everything comes through in a really nice way for you and your story.
  • tlgregory
    Just submitted a piece I wrote called "Her." :) So excited to see if anybody else likes it.
    If anybody sees this and would like to help a fella out, (I'm not a fella I'm hella girl) that would be amazing and feedback is totally awesome <3
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