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I'm pretty slow with updating books and I have a bad habit of taking them down to improve them so I apologise now. And I also had a lot on my plate right now so I'm gonna give this account a good restart and get my stuff together.

I have an Instagram, dedicated to photography. I don't show my face on social media, it gives me anxiety...

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    Victorian RP

    I just like roleplaying my main... ^^;




    Name: Christian Ryan Capital
    Age: Appears 17
    Appearance: Green/Yellow/Red eyes, freckles, longish red hair
    Habits: You'll find out
    Personality: Short-tempered, creative, cocky, sweet, caring, impatient, easily made jealous, curious, dangerous
    Gender: Male
    Additional: You'd rather not find out

    21 hours ago
    She pressed her lips together and her eyes focused on the ground. "I.." She let go of his hand gently. "I wish you would open up to me more. I wish you would talk to me about it."

    Meredith wore an expression of bewilderment and a blush, staring at him with wide eyes. "Are you always this much of a flirt or am I just special?" She mocked.
    21 hours ago
    (ALSO, I swear I'll be more active with replies. I literally only use this account for this roleplay nowadays.)
    King Erlking
    24 minutes ago
    Valid me too. I wanna work on the books but at the same time, I have bigger plans ��)

    He took her hand again and kissed it gently. "I just figured it wasn't something you'd want to hear about, love... But if you really want me to talk to you more about it, I will..." He said softly. "I just get scared that what I have to say with run you off..."

    He gave her a charming smile. "You're just special. I've never flirted with someone before."
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