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I will take request for imagines dirty sad romantic etc
What you want
And ur name and what you want to look like

  • superman69651D
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    Can you make me one I want lim dirty my name lj and maybe
    A zarry one
    Dirty little stories in a book
    Dirty little stori...
    Dirty little stories in a book --> and even more.... :D
    6 years ago
    Are you Lj?????? Must know before I write that part... :D I'll do it! How do you look like?????
  • superman69651D
    Hey lj and Niall 10 dirty
    1D imagines
    1D imagines
    Imagines: you need -age -boy -appearance -dirty or not -topic of imagine you want If you want it dirty just add an number on how dirty you want it 0 being not dirty, 10 being super graphic dirty...
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