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I like to read more than write. I love France and the Eiffel Tower.

  • bo$$143
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    Yass!!!!! Update
    Liz Does Not Approve
    Liz Does Not Appro...
    "Your mom hates me!" I yelled. "No she doesn't," Luke tries to comfort me. "Yes I do," Liz replies walking in.
  • bo$$143
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    Update you have too like today please please please!!!!
    Forced To Marry My Enemy (ON HOLD)
    Forced To Marry...
    He smiles as I walk down the isle. This was not how it was supposed to be.. I finally reach the alter and he takes my hands in his. I stare into his eyes knowing this is wrong. What's about to happen...
    Princess K.S.
    3 years ago
    I'm trying
    I have a bit of writers block but i promise i'm working on it.
    Thanks for the feedback! :)
  • bo$$143
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    But Louis is Bae please make me a character so I can be with him
    My roommate>>L•H
    My roommate>>L•H
    [LUKE HEMMINGS FANFICTION] Skye was a Normal popular girl from middle school through high school. She finally graduates and starts getting college applications from across the country. She accepts one...
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